Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 19


Alhamdulillah. I am entering 19th weeks. Sekejapan je. I am doing fine. My colleagues were quite shocked on last Monday, suddenly my tummy start showing and as what they said tiba-tiba perut nampak besar. For some people, my tummy still small for 4months. That's why I still don't get a seat in the lrt. Duh~

During my last check up, from the blood test result I got problem with low blood pressure. That's answering why I'll be sweating if I stand for too long (in the lrt of course). The sweating mean I am close to faint. But alhamdulillah till now I still tak pitam. Masih kuat. No wonder my friends said I look pale and they assumed I'm carrying a boy.
My baby is too shy to show his/her genital. We were supposed to know the gender last check up, but after long scanning process, my baby just telangkup je. We hardly see whether it's a bird or flower. Maybe the baby knew that both of us not ready yet to know the truth, that's why he/she's been hiding it. Haha.

My mom keep saying she wants a girl. Because my SIL (she's now pregnant at 21weeks) is carrying a boy again. Hee. While my MIL wants a boy. Anak sulung katanya, elok lelaki. My husband dari awal tak kesah boy or girl but I have the same opinion as my MIL, the eldest kalau boleh lelaki. But as the time passed by, deeply I want a girl. I feel like carrying baby girl inside mine. I just felt so. However, my doctor said if the mother feels like she's carrying a girl, it's actually a boy. I don't know, kena tunggu next checkup. As every other parents, I just don't really mine boy or girl, asalkan sihat alhamdulillah.

Currently I dont have appetite for rice,except nasi lemak in the morning. I prefer bread and kotiaw lately. Pity my husband dah banyak malam dinner char kotiaw. Haha. I love orange and guava more than anything. I will make sure I eat both everyday and have the juices also.
The reason is, mulut I rasa tak sedap sepanjang masa. I need something sweet and sour.

I am so into shopping right now. I control myself not to shop for the baby stuff yet, so I just window shopping and transfer the shopping feeling by buying stuff for myself. I bought blouses, skirts, skincare for myself. Menjadi-jadi rasa nak shopping padahal I have to save money for the baby. Mujur lately I dah cepat semput, so paling lama dapat bejalan dalam mall hanya 1-2 hours. Hubs pulak asyik balik keje lewat lately, so I will window shop at KLCC while waiting for him. Balik rumah penat dan akan tido awal. Bangun the next morning pun I masih rasa lenguh betis. So now, I just waited at the office je la. Huhu

Hope I'll be doing great. Next week dah 5months. Sooo fastt kan? Hmmm

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  1. How time flies! Kejap je lg little u akan muncul. Lepas ni dah susah la nak pegi window shop bagai~ Selalu memang gender baby ni jd hal yg hangat diperbincangkan, kan? Well, if u ask me (if la kan) i would prefer a girl. Sebab aku ialah geram dgn baju baby girl rasa nak nangis tak dpt beli. So pls, baby girl pls. Hiks. Macam anak aku plk kan~~

  2. Hahaha.aku dah tau ko mmg hoping for a girl pn kn? Heee. Did survey at mothercare last week and terbekenan rompers kaler kuning. Rs cm nk beli sbb kuning suit je kn fr boy or girl.tapi tahan2.hahaha.

    Ak x sbr nk tgu time ank ko plak yang :p

  3. I dont know this yang but i heard somewhere org ckp baju baby xelok bg warna kuning, takut demam kuning. Hahaha. Better check with mak ko kebenarannya :p oh n guess what, aku dh beli sehelai bju utk anak ko, sbb sgt cool di mata aku (remember, di mata aku) n dont worry its blue black in color. Suit laki pompuan

    Anak aku? Hahaha. Doa2 la yang ye :)

  4. Oh. Ye eh? X penah dgr abt the yellow thingy got to do with jaundice. Haha.

    So sweet of u belikan baju for the baby. Hee.

    Inshaallah.sm2 kte doa yang