Friday, August 24, 2012

Of the olders who care too much about us

Salam dearie,
During raya, we spent our time to visit the olders. The atok, aunties and uncles. For my family, raya is significant with visiting the olders. True enough, takkan the olders nak visit anak cucu kan? I visited my atok (the only atok that still alive) everytime I went back to my hometown. He’s not feeling well after the surgery last May. Sad to look at him, not as active as before. I pray hard for his long life and good health.
After married, I realized I love to spend time talking with the olders. Their topics are random and usually lots of nasihat between the story even the story may sound irrelevant to us at this moment. Like our last conversation, atok did talked about the price of house in KL which is very ridiculous (so trueee) and he suggested us to build a house in kampung instead. RM300K dah boleh buat rumah macam istana kat kampung. Nanti orang lalu mesti orang recognized and asked, ‘rumah sape tu?’..owh..’rumah cucu tok malik’. He’s so funny btw, to relate his name on the ‘rumah istana’. Haha. When I met him before leaving for KL, he said to me he got nothing to give. I was okay, what to expect kan? And when I’m about to get into the car, he asked me whether I always prepare air asam? I was like, Ha? What got to do with air asam suddenly? Haha, rupanya he wanted to give me belacan. I got 2 packs of belacan. Did he knew that his granddaughter rarely cook for the husband? Ekeekeke. He’s too funny.

On the 2nd day of raya, I went to the kampung again, as promised with the cousins to main mercun. I went there quite late (we still received guests until 10.30pm) and to realized most of the cousins slept already. My husband and I had a talk with PakTam and Mektie. It was about our preparation for the little ones, and then changed to more serious topic, like it’s important to buy a house when we still young (boleh buat loan lama), not to forget our parents, appreciate money and all the grown up stuff. I felt matured. Haha. Useful advices. Paktam quotes that I still remember, ‘Kalau nak beli rumah sekarang, memang duet rasa tak cukup. Tapi bila dah beli, duet memang akan cukup. Jangan risau pasal takut tak cukup duet nak makan. We will adjust our finance based on the new commitment, but to adjust the finance (for saving) to buy the house, memang takkan pernah berkesan’. I found it true. I can relate to myself. We both should really looking for a potential house soon.

I did visited family on my father’s side. My Mak Njang shared lots of pregnancy advices with me, the petua orang lama which is no harm to try pun. One of it, to ease the labor process, after shampoo our hair and cleanse it properly, take the hair to the face and drink the water (yang jatuh dari rambut) sambil niat dalam hati moga proses bersalin semudah air yang jatuh menitik dari rambut. This is my first time heard about it, will try soon. It’s a part of the effort.

I had also encountered one auntie yang joyah kepochi which I found out she was really annoying. Sorry for the bad words used. I want to shake her hand and she didn’t bother, instead she touched my tummy and gosok-gosok and said something like, ‘awat kuruih lagi perut hang, bila nak mengandung ne. dah kahwin berapa lama? Haish, tak rasa nak ada anak sendiri ka?’. OMG, I yang dah pregnant ne pun sentap dengan the way dia cakap, how about kalau I tak pregnant lagi by time I met her. Mau touching sumpah seranah dia. Why doesn’t she say nice things, or pray for the good things to happen. I don’t bother to answer her, I just shake her hand quickly and trying my best to avoid her. Later that she knew, my sis-in-law (SIL) and I are expecting and she said, ‘hampa dua ne belawan ka nak tunjuk sapa lagik hebat?’. I turned to husband and saw his blank face, then I know he didn’t understand what that auntie was saying (Auntie I ne punya loghat Kedah sangat pekat and most of the time husband didn’t understand what we were talking about. Thank God for that). I let my SIL answered her and I noticed my SIL pun tak kuasa nak layan dia. Haha. Mulut puaka betul.
Sometime, it’s better to shut your mouth than saying the things that might hurt others. I’m glad, most of the olders surround me very caring and know how to say nice things. It just somehow, there’s a torn among roses. I am grateful, I got lots of roses with not so many torn. Haha..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raya at Kedah

Salam dearie,

How's your raya? Mine was great. And I started working today (very efficient huh?). I believed everyone still in Raya mood, so do I. That's why I am not functioning at the office today. I'm staring at document like few minutes in the morning and I ended up with buat filing. Things that I don't have to use my brain, buat filing sambil makan kueh raya and borak-borak. Everyone yet to get on working mode. Haha. I know, I've been discounted on my work but I just can't help. Hee

I ate a lot. Seriously like a lot. At the end of the day, I can tell my tummy start showing. People will easily recognized that I'm pregnant. How cool is it? No one will blame you for eating a lot. I ate rendang daging, serunding udang, ketupat, kueh raya, kerepek and so many more to mention. All the raya dishes suddenly become my favourite. I love ketupat pulut, but it doesn't mean I can eat more than 2 ketupats at a time, but this time is crazy. All the foods that I've been craving for, semua my mom prepared. I love her deep deep. Haha. I requested for nasi daging, mee rebus, cucoq udang with kuah kacang (tak feel gile orang KL makan coq udang ngan sos), cempedak goreng (Nadia helped me to find the cempedak, at my place cempedak sume kurus-kurus takde isi) and ayam masak merah. I've been craving for laksa too, but since Nadia prepared laksa during raya, so my husband and I decided to beraya at Nadia's place on 2nd day of Raya. On the 3rd day, I went to Teh's big day and there's laksa and I can't resist the smell of laksa. So, makan lagik. Balik dari wedding Teh, I dropped by at atok's house before leaving Kedah and found out the aunties prepared laksa, I was full at that time. But thinking back that I'm going to be back in KL and it's so hard to find laksa that suit my taste, so makan lah lagik laksa. Told ya, I ate a lot at my hometown.

Not even once I felt like throwing up. My sickness gone away, the sleepiness habit too. I thought the morning sickness phase has passed but I am wrong. Once touched  down at LCCT, i was nauseated. And I started throwing out when reached home. Since I'm back in KL, i vomited without failed during morning and night. I kept telling my husband, the baby don't like KL. He/she preferred staying in Kedah. Haha. I blame the foods in KL, most of it I tapau-ed which we don't know whether it prepared in hygenic condition or not. Kat Kedah, celik mata aje foods dah ready, bersusun on the dining table and all are homemade youu. Heaven. I kan pemalas nak sedia makanan bagai. Must be extra rajin after this, sacrifice for the sake of baby kan?

Btw, no raya pictures yet, the pics still in my husband's camera. Will share my raya pics later. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

Salam dearie,

Esok raya.. Yeayy!! I get all excited, sebab rasanya puasa this year
sangat mencabar.

I'll be going back to my hometown this year. Next year baru turn balik ke sebelah husband di Melaka. Im glad dapat husband and parents-in-law yang very understanding. I 2 beradik je dengan abang I and this year turn my brother balik rumah in laws dia. Nanti pagi Raya mak abah I sorang-sorang pulak kalau I pun balik rumah husband. Atas perbincangan dan budi bicara suami, yeah Kedah, here I come. Hee

I skang with husband at LCCT, waiting for our flight tonight. Standby awal takut jalan n counter check in congested, orang sangat super ramai at the airport. Cant wait nak sampai Kedah. I've full list if foods that I've been craving for, and did told my mom to prepare it already. haha.

Takmau cakap banyak, I dengan rasa rendah dirinya nak minta maaf to all if ada tulisan I yang menyentuh sensitiviti dan hati sesiapa. Sepuluh jari saya susunkan, maaf zahir dan batin.

Selamat Hari Raya dearie. Have a safe Raya, have fun and happy spend time with all the people we loved. Take care :)

p.s- excited nak Raya dengan husband for the first time.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pregnant & Fasting

Salam dearie,

I got so many free time today (yeah, im on MC again). Don't know what to do, too tired to lie back and do heavy stuff like cleaning the house or ironing clothes.

I would love to share few issues that I got to know while surviving the pregnancy during fasting month. Seriously, ne la bulan puasa yang I paling tak produktif. Im a bad little caliph :(

Okay, back to the topic. There are few issues like:

Batalkah puasa kalau muntah due to morning sickness?
Nope, you still can continue to fast as long as you still fit. Unless, you tak induce muntah tu la. You know, sometime I feel like throwing up, but it didn't come out. What I do is, gosok-gosok/urut-urut tekak nak bagi muntah keluar sebab sangat tak selesa rasa nak muntah. So, itu kira BATAL puasa. Kalau uwek-uwek sendiri tanpa dapat ditahan, puasa masih SAH. Tapi I usually dah flat abes nak sambung puasa.

Kalau tinggal puas due to pregnancy kena ganti puasa je ke? How about fidyah?
According to the latest edition of Al-Ustaz, if we were worried about our condition only, macam tak larat, heartburn or headache or anything that may harm us (sebab tu tak puasa), then we have to ganti puasa sahaja. Tapi kalau tak puasa sebab risaukan keadaan diri sendiri and baby (gastrik yang mudaratkan baby, risau baby not progressing well), kena ganti puasa dan bayar fidyah.

For those yang tak dapat puasa jangan paksa diri. I was once force myself so hard untuk habiskan puasa sebab malas nak ganti puasa nanti even time tu perut pedih and the only thing I can do was lying back from noon till maghrib. So, kat mana fadhilat Ramadhan tu nak kejar kalau terbaring buat benda tak berguna je kan? Dah la flat abes nak teraweh, takkan amalan siang hari pun nk let it gone camtuh je because you are pregnant? Puasa selagi termampu. Kalau tak mampu jangan paksa. Kesian to little baby inside 'there'. Orang pregnant dapat ruksoh untuk tak puasa. My husband always told me, besar pahala mengandung baby ne tambah-tambah lagi nak survive bulan puasa. So, takde sape nak marah kalau tinggal puasa sebab tak larat.

I read somewhere, one of the key thing to survive during fasting month is the dates. Pregnant ladies are advised to eat at least 7 dates during sahur. For normal people, each date can last for 6hours, so it's enough if we eat atleast 2dates during sahur. But special case to pregnant ladies, because we are going to need energy more than everyone else.

And to survive heartburn during fasting month, please avoid oily and fatty foods. Eat healthily. Such as, yogurt, fruits and foods that is easy to digest. Drink lots and lots of warm water. For me, I preferred sweet drinks sebab lidah selalu payau and I hardly drink plain water. Sebab, menom plain water pun bole muntah balik. What I did was (as per my doc's advised) drink warm water sepanas yang our tongue can tolerate. Kira panas betul la, yang mana takkan melecurkan lidah sendiri. With that, will reduce your nausea feeling. 

That's all what I can share now. Sorry if it might be too late to share, dah nak abes Ramadhan pun kan. 

Happy fasting people. We have 4 more days to go. We are at the final lapse of Ramadhan, so sad that Ramadhan is nearly to its end, and as much as I want this Ramadhan to end (sebab rasa seksa nak survive puasa this time) macam tu jugak la I rasa sedih Ramadhan nak tinggalkan kita. Im worried that I will get back to the old me, Im worried if this Ramadhan Allah tak ampunkan pun dosa-dosa I. Bulan Ramadhan bulan makrifat (bulan keampunan), nescaya rugilah bagi mereka-mereka yang meninggalkan Ramadhan dan Allah masih tidak mengampunkan dosa-dosanya. Nauzubillahiminzalik, moga kita semua tak termasuk dalam golongan yang dimaksudkan. InshaAllah.


Friday, August 10, 2012

A bun in the oven

Salam dearie :)

Alhamdulillah, Allah has answered our prayers. Both of us can't thankful Him enough for this rezeki.

I am pregnant at 3 months and InshaAllah I will be entering 2nd trimester next week. Alhamdulillah, I am about to pass the 1st trimester which is for me quite challenging. The possibility for miscarriage is lower and I truly hope everything is going to be fine. I went through the 1st trimesters with lots of hiccups, and so nervous that anything bad might happen. Touch wood. And to survive the pregnancy especially during fasting month is really hard for me. Seriously. Anyhow, for the little baby inside my womb, whatever may come I am willing to undergo it as long as the baby is healthy and okay in 'there'. 

How I discovered that I've been carrying a little tiny baby in my womb?
It all started when I missed the period for 5days. After getting married, my period still regular but for certain months, I usually missed period not more than 3days. I was reluctant to check with the test kit because for the last 5 months, I'd always got the false hope, wrong alarm. Until one day, I noticed there was a yellowish spot on the pantyliner and I started googling what's the yellowish spot all about. I was happy with what I found out, it's a good sign og pregnancy btw. I have the normal symptoms of having PMS, like breast tenderness and swollen, back-ache, waist-ache and rasa cam senggugut and keras at lower abdomen. The unusual symptoms are only I rasa angin satu badan, badan lenguh-lenguh, I cepat penat, headache and lose appetite. Husband asked me to wait until Friday eventhough I am so eager to try the pregnancy tesk kit at that time. I bought the cheapest test kit (Watson's brand and it cost me only RM6++), but I bought it 2 sets. Haha. Straight away after reached home, I terus try and what I saw was only a faint line at positive indicator. I googled and most of my findings said, it's positive. But I still tak puas hati, I want to try with the first urine in the next morning. I woke up at 6 am and couldn't wait to test it again. And the result is still the same.

Then, I remembered that one of my colleague had used the ClearBlue brand, and the test kit will show you whether preganant or not and if pregnant, how many weeks. I rasa that one is way better sebab tak payah nak frust bila result faint line lagi. I just want to know, Im pregnant or not. Giler gediks tak sabar kan?  So, I bought the ClearBlue brand which cost me about RM27 (mahal giler) but I redha ja. I tried it on first urine Sunday morning.Alhamdulillah. Glad that the result adalah POSITIVE.

Alhamdulillah. Rezeki. Later, pergi klinik biasa just to confirm the pregnancy, estimated due date (EDD) and estimated weeks of pregnancy. My husband and I have to cancel our 'ala-ala honeymoon vacation' at Perhentian Island the following week as both of us didn't want to risk anything eventhough the doctor said it shouldn't be a problem. We both found out it's quite challening to get conceived and we won't risk the baby.

And now I am still surviving during fasting months, though dah 5 hari tinggal puasa sebab asyik muntah and heartburn. I am not that lucky mom-to-be where I have to went through the morning sickness. That's answering why I macam not functioning much lately. The things Im doing best currently are sleeping, vomiting, sleeping, vomiting and the process still going on. Hoping that by 4months this morning sickness will go away. Haha. Masa I missed period and still tak try the test kit, I was really hoping that there's a baby inside mine. And I kept on praying that time, and I remembered I ever said to Dear Lord that I am willing to bear anything that may come, I rela morning sickness and I rela even ujian I nak jadi parent agak berliku as long as I have the chance to conceived our own baby. I asked, and He answered. So, I won't complain much on what I have to face, sebab bila dapat tau Im pregnant, the feeling is priceless. I asik rasa, what I have done sampai orang yang banyak dosa cam I ne Allah bagi peluang untuk jadi parent. Time to ponder, to reflect, to muhasabah and to be thankful for whatever rezeki He gave. 

Alhamdulillah and praise to Dear Allah.

...yep, Im on MC today..that's why I have time to write an entry from the laptop. Dah lama tak bukak laptop rasanya. sebab by phone rasanya lagik hassle-free. Heh.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

You don't have to win to be our Hero

Dear DLCW,

You had already made us proud. Don't cry. It's even heartbreaking than watching you lose in the game.

I just dont care about the free ice cream and potential public holiday. We just want u to win. It's so close and We dont blame you. It's such a tight game, you made my heart bumping from 8pm to 9.20pm. And it was the best game ever. People called it kalah bermaruah.

You are already our hero. :)
Good job!!!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Betapa lemahnya diri ini :(

Semalam gatai sangat ikot my colleagues pergi cari tudung bawal Aidijuma during lunch time. At first, they told me it's located at LRT Pasar Seni and I was like why not, naek tren turun tren ja. Sekali sampai kt LRT baru tau yang the Aidijuma was transfered to Central Market(CM).

Even I walked slowly it still very hard for me to catch the breath. Semput. Im not that fit anymore. Sampai ja kt sana, Ya Allah orang mashaAllah ramai gila. Crowded betul. I walked around and chose one tudung that suit one of my baju raya. Then, I chose to rest at the beanbag in the shop. Soo comfy (as per above picture). We ols berempat ke sana, sorang memang tak minat bawal. Sorang lagi memang baru nak beli tudung before she really commits to wear the tudung. So,that's why only 3 of us yang duduk melepek kt situ. The other one not in the picture sebab sebok borong. Ada la bepuluh tudung dia beli semalam. Berbaloi for her. We just dont mind she took her own time to choose the tudung because 3 of us are so comfortable on the beanbag. I must get the beanbag for my house. :)

The quality of the tudungs are good, wide selection and the price are amazingly cheaper than we thought. The 1 tone bawal, you can get it at RM7 only. I bought the 3color tone mix at RM22 and later I found out Kak Fiza (the one yang shopping bawal sakan) decided to pay it for me. How sweet she is. I am not really sure how many pieces she bought but her total damages were only RM149. Siap dapat 1 extra tudung for free lagik. Memang berbaloii.

Masa nak balik ke ofis, luckily hujan baru stop. So tak la panas nak redah balik. Sampai je kat ofis, I terus pergi surau dan baring selama 15minit. Ya Allah pinggang rasa nak patah. Memang rasa nak bukak posa ja, tapi masih dapat bertahan.

Balik ofis semalam, my husband and I decided nak makan subway aje. Then, we stopped at KL Festival City. Masa tu baru 6.30pm,.and husband said jom jalan-jalan dulu pukul 7 baru kte beli subway. Jalan lagi. Betis I dah rasa cam nak bengkok anytime. Sampai rumah at 7.20 tapi I sempat tido lagi sementara nak iftar. Penat ya rabbi. Makan subway sikit aje sebab penat. Pukul 8pm I da tido balik sampai pukul 11. Tupun husband kejut suruh mandi dan siap-siap sebab earlier on I janji ngan husband nak makan Nasi Arab kat Saba. Tapi husband kesian kot I macam dah weng, husband decided pergi Saba sorang-sorang dan tapau the food. I bangun mandi ala kadar, got changed dan sambung tido balik sampai sahur.

Lepas sahur, cepat-cepat solat Subuh dan tido balik. Woke up at 10am, tupun sebab terjaga husband bersiap pakai perfume wangi sangat nak gi tolong MIL kat kedai. I salam husband, tutup pintu rumah dan sambung tido lagi sampai pukul 2pm. Ya Allah, rasa penat, ngantok tak habes-habes lagik. What got into me? I jadi pening, taktau sebab I tido banyak or memang kurang gula dalam badan, I rasa cam nak pitam. Gelap gelita duniaku. Start rasa heartburn dan pedih perut ya rabbi. The only thing yang buat I rasa better is by sleeping and sweet drinks. And finally terus bukak posa. Lemah betul I ne.

Lesson learnt- jangan banyak berjalan dan kena bertahan untuk kuat. Even sampai sekarang tak hilang sakit kaki sakit pinggang ne. Mengantuk jangan cakaplah.

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