Monday, October 31, 2011

Rainbow Layer Cake

I don't have the chance to choose my own wedding cake. Because, it is sponsored by Abg Adi. He's a chef at one of the hotel in Penang and I believed he must have come with delicious and nice looking cake. Pray hard.
Basically, I have no idea at all what's the cake and how it may looks like. 2 tier kah? Fondant kah? I just don't know. Redha ja. Sebab segan gila kot gigih nak tanya. Kang dia terus tak jadi sponsor. Hehe.

What actually did the B2B give into consideration when deciding their wedding cake? Is it because of the taste?
Or because of the look?

If the wedding cake based on the look, I believed lots of B2B will choose the fondant one. Sebab, fondant make the cake look exclusive, kemas and rasa sayang nak makan. Cantek dipandang and definitely cantek dalam gambar jugak.

If people are to ask me what's my preferences?  I must say I want Red Velvet Cake (RVC), specifically the RVC from Bisou, KLCC. The reason would be, because I.Z is the big fan of RVC too. And I 100% sure the taste is so grreaatt.. Just that, it's quite expensive and gigih gila kot nak pegang dalam kereta sepanjang balik Kedah. Did the same thing masa gigih bawa balik choc cake dari KL masa engagement dulu, serious lenguh even Nad yang pegang lama pun. Hehe.

If I have the chance to choose my wedding cake,(like seriously if Abg Adi ask me apa yang I nak? Haha) I will choose the Rainbow Layer Cake. Sebab flavour of course bole pilih and sangat-sangat cantek dalam gambar.
Nice. I did came across one B2B had the Rainbow Layer Cake during the reception. And it looks so cantek in the picture and secara tak lansung buat I rasa the cake sangat sedap.

So, I've been browsing about the cake and it makes me feel like having one. Hehe. It's so mouth-watering :)

It's from local baker. Nice isnt it?

Hmm..I feel like crying! I want one. Hehe

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Gorgeous Yasmin Hani

Gorgeous gila Yasmin Hani ne. Both of them made the perfect couple.
The make-up pun cantheeek, look at her eyes.. It's the talking & smiling eyes.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Personalized Yassin: Favorite Vendor

I have always wanted to give something personal to those who attend my solemnization and the perfect one in my mind is ONLY Personalized Yassin. But, considering the budget, I have to think really hard before come out with a wise decision. I did the research/survey, and would love to share on my favorite vendor.

Known about this vendor from my beloved yayang, Sym. She gave the personalized yassin during her engagement. At first dapat the yassin, I was like 'this is what i've been looking for'. Cantek. Kemas. The hot-stamping wording & the border/kerawang made the yassin very exclusive.

For more pictures, please visit their FB

This one pun hot-stamping  wording and look exclusive too. I like the cover the most, especially bunga timbul-timbul tuh. Hehe

For more pictures, please visit their FB

Yang ne sangat cantik. Cover velvet. But the size is so small. 
Measurement: (W) 7.5cm+/-, (H) 10.5cm+/-.
And tebal sikit. Come with nice packaging, with the box and ribbons. The actual price is RM10, but now they have a booth in SACC Mall, from 28Oct-30Oct. And...they sell it at the price of RM5, with minimum order of 100.For those interested bole serbu sekarang and terus order :)

This price only valid on 28/10/11 - 30/10/11

Actually, there are quite a number of vendor who can make the personalized yassin. But only these 3 vendors really caught my eyes. Because, I preferred something yang nampak exclusive, with the hot-stamping and the paper used. Hehe. If anyone of you, did come across any vendor who produced something like the above three, please please let me know. I am still searching for better price. All the above vendors, charged around RM4 - RM6 for 100 pieces. Mana tau ada vendor boleh offer cheaper than that. Haha.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stop Whining

Currently I've been reading THE LAST LECTURE by Randy Pausch. Yeah, satu Malaya dah baca I baru hegeh nak baca kn? But..seriously for those who didn't read this book yet, please please get yourself one. 

I am easily influenced with the environment. Like, if I am in a situation where there are lots of negative thinker than positive thinker, then I ended up being one of the negative thinker too. So, to stay positive I need self-enrichment book. I need something to remind me time over time. I am not that strong to stay mentally healthy all the time.

I would love to quot what I just read, "Don't Complain, Just Work Harder".

It sounds soooo relevant with my current situation (I am referring to my wedding preps). Heh.
According to him, 
"Too many people go through life complaining about their problems. I've always believed if you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you'd be suprised by how well things can work out".

So true.. Let's change for the better, people. Stop whining. I believed, we are good at doing other things than just sit back and whining. Let's be creative in solving the problems. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cookies yang lagi sedap dari Famos Amos

Siapa suka Famous Amos(FA)? Angkat tangan!!! Yeay~Kita geng! Hehe. Tapi sekarang ne FA dah naek harga kan? Naek 90sen dari harga lama. Kalau dulu Choc Chip No Nut RM7.80/100gm sekarang dah RM8.70. Kalau Macademia Nut harga sekarang dah RM9.70/100gm. Mahal! Kalau beli 100gm mana la cukup kan? 

So, I've been browsing other alternative. I am looking for home made cookies. Selalunya home made cookies lagi sedap, healthier and cheaper. Cari punya cari, I found this one blog, KakiCookie. Baca review dari customer semua cakap sedap. Tengok gambar memang menarik dan yang paling best bila Kak Radziah (owner) buat cookies nie upon request. Fresh from the oven youu..

Disebabkan tak tertahan nak makan, terus isi order form. I ordered 200gms choc chips almond & 5 pieces buffalo cookies. Buffalo cookies I order sebab bila tengok ingredients macam sangat healthy. Ada oats, almonds, raisins and made with vegetable oil instead of butter. Sounds pretty healthy stuff, isnt it? Heh.

Buffalo Cookies. Serious besar and sedap too

Kak Radziah punya service bagus, reply email sangat cepat. Senang je nak discuss. Bila dia tanya nak bila? I terus cakap, ASAP. Haha. Memandangkan Kak Radziah ne tinggal bedekatan dengan rumah I memang senang la. 

Supposedly petang ne baru dapat cookies, since hari ne cuti and tekak pun terasa nak sangat dah makan cookies ne, semalam I terus email dia cakap kalau bagi pagi pun takpe. Kak Radziah okay je. Kak Radziah seriously sangat friendly and cakap laju cam I jugak. Banyak kali dia remind, sedap ke tak sedap please bagitau dia. I suka orang yang berbisnes macam ne, sangat jujur. Dah tu baek hati bagi extra 3pieces Buffalo cookies kat I. I like :)

So, dapat je tak sampai umah lagi I terus rasa. Makan sambil jalan naek tangga ke rumah (gila tak senonoh-tak bersopan santun perempuan ne kan?), sedar-sedar je dah 1/4 plastic abes. I terus sambung makan, pastu ingat nak abeskan tapi encik tunang pulak tiba-tiba SMS suruh simpan kat dia sket. Sobs~ emo betul I. I nyesal order sket. Sobs.. Nak order lagiii..

Seriously sedap, rangup. Banyak choc chips, banyak almonds. Memang sedap gilaaa.. Aduss.. Taktau cmna nak describe sedap tu macam mana. It was like 5x better than FA yang mahal tu.

For those, yang nak bagi doorgift cookies bole consider KakiCookie yep. I am one of the happy customer. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh My Handbouquet

I have come to a stage where I want everything to be in details. I dont know why I've been putting myself in this situation. I dont know whether I am normal or not, or just like the other bride-to-be??.. And please tell me that deep thinking + surveying + researching on the perfect hanbouquet is actually normal. Haha..

It happened because I dont really know what I want. At one time, I want this and that. Bole ke I nak semua? Tamak. To choose the suitable color also give me a headache.

After a week of browsing high & low, I guess I have come to a decision. Well, atleast I have something in mind. Untuk sedapkan hati sendiri btw. Some HB that really caught my eyes are:

It's a combination of carnation & ?? (i don't know huh)

Shocking color. Nice isn't it? It's roses & hydraenga

Simple. Vibrant pink roses

It's carnation u olss.. Sweet. Perfect for solemnization :)

Colorful Gerbera Daisies

Calla lilies & Peonies

Calla lilies & roses

Lagi Gerbera Daisies. Stunning, is it?

Pastel Color. Peonies & roses & hydraenga

My Favorite. Combination color of calla lilies

White Tullip. Sucii gilerr

Peonies u olss

Calla lilies & roses

Calla lilies & purple roses

 Quite a lot kan yang I shortlisted. Haha~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Canteknyaaa Baju Tunang Ana Dahlia

Serious chantek gila okay, baju tunang Ana Dahlia @ Tunang anak lelaki Chef Wan. I am absolutely have no idea at first,I thought it was during the solemnization. But, it is their engagement ceremony. Class kau Maria, majlis tunang anak orang kaya neh. *sedikit jeles di sini*

Feast your eyes....especially the dress and the hydraenga handbouquet.. Bila tengok pic tadi, terus terdetik 'I nak baju macam ne jugakkkk'. Haha.. Berangan je la kan? Biasa la tengok yang orang semua chantek. Chantek kat badan dia, doesn't mean chantek kat badan I jugak. Hek :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Of the Hantaran, Meet-The-Tailor Session & Pre-Wedd Photoshoot

 **Amekkaw..Tajuk panjang gilerr**

I had a really packed weekend. Phew~ I thought of having my own sweet weekend, especially when December is not too far away. I want to be by myself menjelang detik-detik bergelar seorang isteri. But, lots of prep-things need to be focus. Mode kalut dah start :p

I have not started neither with the legal docs nor HIV test yet. Panick attacked. Seriously. :(

Yesterday, I went to Masjid Jamek area. I spend my time to give a visit to SSF (again?). I did surveyed the Bunga Telor and finding for deco ideas. I just love being there. I love everything in SSF, except the price. Quite pricey. You can get the same glass bowl at Romantika, with the price of RM5. SSF will surely cost you RM22.80 for the same size of glass bowl. But, I must say the quality is not the same. I love the photo canvas. I love the cake stand with the price tag of RM288. Crazy huh? I didn't buy anything there, just like always. Haha~

Later that night, my FMIL want to buy handbag for me, as one of the hantaran. Okay, I see it as rezeki. Initially, my fiance and I didn't plan for any handbag. Sebab I did tell him earlier, if it's not a COACH, then I dont want any. Demand tak perempuan tak sedar diuntung ne? Hehe. I must say, it was the selfish statement ever. Like, who am I nak request sampai macam tu sekali?

My FMIL is a big fan of Braun Buffel (pronounce as: 'brown beau-furl'.. just for sharing..i mistaken pronounced it as brown baf-fel earlier. Haha). I must expecting the bag is from there too. I should have a look at it earlier. So, takde la macam I took time giler nak pilih 1 beg. And segan sangat bila my FMIL just waiting for me, while I was wandering, rambang mata pegang 3 beg skali taktau nak pilih yang mana. I was trying to look at the price tag actually, pretending like I want to check the compartments but I cant find any. I rasa macam malu-serba salah when I finally chose the handbag and got to know the price. I must say, that's the expensive bag I ever have. Thanks Mami, I couldn't thanked her enough. 

Then, we had a dinner. Together with my fiance, future-sis-in-law, his auntie and cousins. I am still trying to adapt in the big family of him. :)

I should go for a meet-the-tailor session II right after Raya. I kept on scheduling the appointment as I was the Prime Minister. Busy ape pun taktau haish ;p . The tailor dah bising-bising, since 'he' cannot continue the beading + paching lace work before fitting. There I am, going to 'his' place after dinner at KLCC. It's about 11pm. I was trying to reschedule it again but mr.fiance dont think it is a good idea. 

I dont know how to react. I found out that I have the simple solemnization dress, which absolutely not my liking. I was expecting something that can make me 'wow' when I first looking at it. But, I am quite relieved as I can fit the dress nicely. Tak sia-sia I berdiet tak ambil nasi for 5days, kalau tak memang banyak benang kena tetas. Haha. The tailor, Rozie noticed that I dont really look excited on my first fitting. Then, 'he' explained that the dress akan lagi meletop lepas tambah beads, patch lace and all the detailing. I dont know. Just wait for the meet-the-tailor session III, on this coming 22nd.

Being perempuan yang banyak sangat berfikir, I cant sleep last night. Worrying the things that have possibility to turn out very well (who knows, right?). Nak risau apa kan? Asalkan ada baju yang boleh muat sudah. Haishh.. 

This morning, I woke up very early. I got a photo-session with The Photolicious team at 8am. Dengan tak cukup tido, eyebag takyah nak cakap apa lagi la..Hujan pulak, memang buat I mandi ala kadar sahaja. I enjoyed during the photoshoot. And now cant wait to see the photo. Hew~ I will updated about the photoshoot once I got the photo. 

And now I rasa regret sangat, sebab I baru lepas makan nasi after 5 days. Maklumlah fitting dah settled. Haha.

Till then, the boring entry without a picture.. Heh,, pardon me for being lazy :p

Monday, October 3, 2011

Paper Fan Deco

I always like this paper fan deco instead of paper flower. Dont know why, maybe I found out paper flower a little bit leceh kot. As for me la, no offense yep.

I am not a creative-type-of-person. I even google how to actually fold the paper to make it round in shape. I know how to make a paper fan, tapi bukan bentuknya semi-circle kah? Shame on me. Haha. Rupanya kena sambung/glue the 1 paper fan together. In the middle, bole letak doily paper untuk effect comel. Senang je kan? 

At first I was planning to have a paper fan deco for my dais. Thinking of D-I-Ying it, but I am afraid if my parents rejecting the idea. I am living at the Kampung, I dont think I boleh tahan dengar mulut orang cakap how simple my dais is. For me, it's totally fine :) 

Jadi, bila impian tak terlaksana tuh saja je la browsing untuk puaskan hati. Not even deco at dais, deco at candy buffet, bilik pengantin, guestbook table pun boleh.

**some of the pictures below i tak ingat source, i main save je...sorry ye, will update on the source if dah jumpa k. :)

Source: blogger b2b jugak, tapi i lupa la blog add dia

Source: Partypopperz