Monday, October 31, 2011

Rainbow Layer Cake

I don't have the chance to choose my own wedding cake. Because, it is sponsored by Abg Adi. He's a chef at one of the hotel in Penang and I believed he must have come with delicious and nice looking cake. Pray hard.
Basically, I have no idea at all what's the cake and how it may looks like. 2 tier kah? Fondant kah? I just don't know. Redha ja. Sebab segan gila kot gigih nak tanya. Kang dia terus tak jadi sponsor. Hehe.

What actually did the B2B give into consideration when deciding their wedding cake? Is it because of the taste?
Or because of the look?

If the wedding cake based on the look, I believed lots of B2B will choose the fondant one. Sebab, fondant make the cake look exclusive, kemas and rasa sayang nak makan. Cantek dipandang and definitely cantek dalam gambar jugak.

If people are to ask me what's my preferences?  I must say I want Red Velvet Cake (RVC), specifically the RVC from Bisou, KLCC. The reason would be, because I.Z is the big fan of RVC too. And I 100% sure the taste is so grreaatt.. Just that, it's quite expensive and gigih gila kot nak pegang dalam kereta sepanjang balik Kedah. Did the same thing masa gigih bawa balik choc cake dari KL masa engagement dulu, serious lenguh even Nad yang pegang lama pun. Hehe.

If I have the chance to choose my wedding cake,(like seriously if Abg Adi ask me apa yang I nak? Haha) I will choose the Rainbow Layer Cake. Sebab flavour of course bole pilih and sangat-sangat cantek dalam gambar.
Nice. I did came across one B2B had the Rainbow Layer Cake during the reception. And it looks so cantek in the picture and secara tak lansung buat I rasa the cake sangat sedap.

So, I've been browsing about the cake and it makes me feel like having one. Hehe. It's so mouth-watering :)

It's from local baker. Nice isnt it?

Hmm..I feel like crying! I want one. Hehe


  1. cantekkk~~~boleh x tolong poss kat saye skali kek tu? :)

  2. intan~ if i have one, i will post it to u.. hehe :)

  3. sukerr...dulu mmg nak cari rainbow cake ni..sekali sibuk terus terlupa daaa....