Friday, October 28, 2011

Personalized Yassin: Favorite Vendor

I have always wanted to give something personal to those who attend my solemnization and the perfect one in my mind is ONLY Personalized Yassin. But, considering the budget, I have to think really hard before come out with a wise decision. I did the research/survey, and would love to share on my favorite vendor.

Known about this vendor from my beloved yayang, Sym. She gave the personalized yassin during her engagement. At first dapat the yassin, I was like 'this is what i've been looking for'. Cantek. Kemas. The hot-stamping wording & the border/kerawang made the yassin very exclusive.

For more pictures, please visit their FB

This one pun hot-stamping  wording and look exclusive too. I like the cover the most, especially bunga timbul-timbul tuh. Hehe

For more pictures, please visit their FB

Yang ne sangat cantik. Cover velvet. But the size is so small. 
Measurement: (W) 7.5cm+/-, (H) 10.5cm+/-.
And tebal sikit. Come with nice packaging, with the box and ribbons. The actual price is RM10, but now they have a booth in SACC Mall, from 28Oct-30Oct. And...they sell it at the price of RM5, with minimum order of 100.For those interested bole serbu sekarang and terus order :)

This price only valid on 28/10/11 - 30/10/11

Actually, there are quite a number of vendor who can make the personalized yassin. But only these 3 vendors really caught my eyes. Because, I preferred something yang nampak exclusive, with the hot-stamping and the paper used. Hehe. If anyone of you, did come across any vendor who produced something like the above three, please please let me know. I am still searching for better price. All the above vendors, charged around RM4 - RM6 for 100 pieces. Mana tau ada vendor boleh offer cheaper than that. Haha.


  1. Salam and hello!

    Kan? I love oh he proposed punya yaasin. Sgt cantik. :) but the price pun quite not bad jugak kan. But i guess worth the kecantikan dia. Hehe in the end you pakai yg mana? :)

  2. Salam..sorry, i xpasan comment old entry the end i pakai none of the above..sbb x bnyk bajet..i tmpg simple yassin je from Creatively Design.