Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random: To Know & To Learn

Salam lovelies..

Waking up in the morning and it is raining was really a bliss. I dont know how to describe it but I somehow love the smell. Rasa sejuk. Rasa Allah tu dekat.

I dont know what really happened to me. But I can feel how the Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia did helped me to see life in different ways. To be positive. Always. I am still struggling to be a better muslim.

At the end of 2011,many people set their resolution. So am I. At first I thought of keeping it only to myself. But how my past experience told me to really speak out the goal and only then you dont forget about what you had set and strive for it. I dont know it is psychology or what but it helped. During my uni time, I will stick an A4 paper wrote "by hook or by crook,i must get a dean's list" at my study place. And starting from that moment, dean's list is in my hand. See,how this thing work. The power of being reminding all the time on what we had determine earlier.

Instead of having so many things to achieve like the yesteryears, I decided to focus on two major things only. Haha.

1) To become a better muslim.

2) To learn how to swim.

I know I should start to become a better muslim like long time ago. In fact,it is a never ending process. This time, I really hope that I istiqamah in what I'm doing. Thank Allah that I have a such a good friend, who never give up to invite me to usrah and majlis ilmu.Thanks Solha dearie.

I taknak change dratically without knowing what's the purpose of doing so. I takut I hangat-hangat tahi ayam je. So, masih banyak ilmu that I have to gain dan mesti istiqamah untuk join majlis ilmu. The last time i join majlis ilmu was during my secondary school. Biasalah, at boarding school semua majlis ilmu wajib join. Nak taknak kena dengar. Kalau tak wajib memang I yang tak sedar diuntung ne tak join. Bila zaman uni,zaman kerja memang banyak lagi alasan tercipta untuk elak ke majlis ilmu. To start it back this year memang perlu keazaman yang kuat. Moga I sentiasa ada dalam lindungan Allah. InshaAllah.

To achieve 2nd goal is really important for me.

Some people might think that to learn how to swim is not a major thing. But I am really keen to learn. It's frustating to realized that swimming is good for your health but I dont know how to be good at it. Seeing my sister-in-law berenang happily, and how they sometimes bother about the height of the pool made me feel such a loser. Because I usually end up berendam sahaja and most of the time jadi penunggu setia tepi pool bila kedalaman pool melepasi ketinggian I.

To keep myself motivated, I need a reward upfront. Haha. Like last time, I want to keep fit by sweating in and out. That's answering why I sign up for the gym membership and bought myself a sport shoes that cost me about RM400. Everytime I am lazy to go to the gym I akan teringat yang I have an expensive sport shoes and I need to wear it. Kalau tak rugi duet beli mahal-mahal. That's how things works on me.

So for this time,  I need to buy the swimsuit first then I should enroll the swimming class. Heh. :)

InshaAllah. Moga dipermudahkan segalanya. AMINN~

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Monday, March 19, 2012


I have so much things to share but I lost words to describe it. Hee~

Let me start with the attitude/manners that sometime we left it at home.

I am a regular passenger of Putra LRT for the past 3 years. Bermacam ragam manusia dapat dilihat. Ada yang kurang siuman, tiba-tiba datang mendekat and asked 'Hang ade berape?'.. Ikotkan hati I nak jawab 6 but I was too afraid at that time so I looked at the other side. Ignoring him,trying to avoid the eye contact.

Pernah kena raba dengan chinese guy dalam train and he's just plain rude. Bila I sound dia, dia slumber cakap'what?' sambil pandang I tak puas hati. Tak rasa bersalah lansung, muka tak malu.

Paling I menyampah,lelaki yang kita rasa cukup upaya sihat walafiat sebok berebut seat with the girls. Hello? Can u just being gentlemen?

And..I just can't tolerate with those yang tak prihatin. Apparently,old folks,kids, pregnant women standing in front of them but they just don't bother. I noticed that sometimes they did aware about the people who are more needed the seat but they just have a heart to look at them without feeling guilty. Iklan kat tv, even the sign in the train pun are clear enough. Haish, there's an incident happened last week. One pregnat woman yang tengah sarat, perut memang besar obvious, muka pucat sangat berdiri about 5minutes but then still no one offer her a seat. I tengok semua orang yang dapat seat noticed this pregnant lady tapi bole buat tak tahu. Yang sedihnya yang duduk semua perempuan yang muda belia. I just couldn't care less, I nampak at the other coach ada seat kosong so I bagitau that pregnant lady and she walked slowly sebab train tengah begerak. Semua yang dapat seat ne tengok ja. Memang tak fikir orang laen lansung. Oh please, I think they left their manners at home.

Sometimes,ada je bapak budak dukung baby sambil berdiri. Mana tangan nak pegang baby,mana tangan nak hold pemegang. Memang la tak patut kalau tengok saja.

There were few incidents that I mistaken recognizing whether it's a baby bump or the girl is actually buncit. For the safe side, just offer the seat to them. Some of them akan gelak-gelak cakap they don't need the seat and some of them akan said NO with the full expression on the face. I bet they must be cursing me. Haha.

I pernah jugak minta nak duduk sebab memang tak larat memang tak sihat. It takes about 35minutes to reach office/home and I don't want to just stand for that period. I NEED a seat.

There are so many stories to share about my experiences in the train. Yang kelakar, yang menyakitkan hati, yang buat I kadang-kadang I tak dapat lupa sampai sekarang and not to forget some sweet memories. Haha. 

Not all people being ignorance. I also met some new friends in the train. Siap jemput datang wedding dia lagi. Ada one girl ne sangat sweet. We both selalu berdiri at the same coach, i noticed dia mesti baca buku dalam train. After 3days je mesti berganti buku. Envy her, sebab semangat membaca dia berkobar-kobar? I dengan dia akan turun sama-sama at KLCC. Until one day, I work at the new place so I no longer turun kat KLCC and I naek train lebih awal and didn't see her anymore. There's one time I dropped by at KLCC to pay celcom bills and I met her there. We just exchange smile sepanjang dalam train selama ne and suddenly bila jumpa balik she said to me 'it's been a while,u are no longer taking lrt isn't it?' and we talked like we have known each other for years. We've been friends ever since that. Haha. I memang kadang-kadang muka tak malu, peramah tak tentu tempat.

I think this post is too long already. I don't think this post typed by a person who claim earlier that she just lost words to describe. Haha :)

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Friday, March 16, 2012


Salam dearie :)

I just came back from the Matta Fair. This is my first time to the Fair and I must say that they offer a good bargain. It's Friday right after work,so takde la ramai sangat yang berkampung kat sana. My husband and I didn't have much time to tour all the booth. So, both of us memang survey yang mana nampak di mata.

Honestly, we both don't have specific place to go about. For the first round we randomly collect the leaflet and didn't bother much to really ask for the details. After an hour, we have our dinner first (the food there is so expensive). Jadi paksa rela pejam mata order dan bayar. While having the dinner we narrow down where exactly both of us want to spend time together and our pick is to the island. Glad that we have plenty of choices. We decided to book honeymoon package at one of the local island. A really good bargain I must say. And now I can't want to go there.

We about to left the hall, when a brother approached us and handed a Langkawi package leaflet. Being me who is having problem to say NO, so I spend few minutes to listen what they are going to offer. And the offer is so good that I cannot resist. Lagikpun my husband dah few times cakap dia teringin nak g langkawi. Wah,..ke pulau lagi kte.

If I have so much money semua tempat I nak pergi. This year would be the tahun jelajah malaysia. Moh kite pusing 1 Malaysia. Next year, duet banyak sket baru pergi jauh-jauh :)

I never know that Matta Fair really give a good offer. Staying at tUne hotel for 2 nights with the air-cond, towel and toiletries for rm88 is really a steal. Same goes to Putrajaya Cruise,it's 50% off. Sungguh berbaloi-baloi.

Can't wait for the next holiday and also can't wait for the next Matta Fair.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #2 - Meet the Dentist

Bersiaran dari myDentist@ampang. What i can say, meeting the dentist and letting her do what necessarily is not my fear factor anymore. Well done to myself, pat on my back. Heh :)

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Musim Kenduri

Musim cuti sekolah bersamaan dengan musim orang berkawen. Start cuti sekolah penuh la FB notification dengan kawan-kawan upload gambar kawen,status attending wedding and semua perkara yang related to the wedding. Not to forget,the highway will packed with cars too.

My husband's uncle was getting married too last Friday. To tell u the truth,it was my first time attending full event of wedding orang Melaka. I mean attend majlis berinai dan majlis bersanding. Orang Melaka punya wedding memang meriah habis. Malam berinai pun meriah dengan kompang, bunga api berdentum-dentum,makanan yang super banyak dan sedap, acara merenjis dan muzik dr speaker yang tak henti-henti berkumandang lagu klasik.

Untuk majlis bersanding pun, ada bunga api berpapan-papan, kompang masih dipalu dan kemeriahannya triple malam berinai. Yang buat I kagum, kompang dipalu sepanjang majlis merenjis. Nak tunggu sorang-sorang habis merenjis memang agak lama. Apatah lagi I pun taknak kalah nak merenjis jugak. The food was super,sebab I duduk makan kat meja pengantin. Since meja pengantin jauh dari tempat orang lalu-lalang, I memang buat macam rumah sendiri asyik dok kutip udang panjat nenas. Al-maklumlah masa majlis sendiri makan kena control-control. Haha.

At first I was so energetic and ambitious to shoot the moment along the event. Berkobar betul nak assist my husband amek gambar eventhough pakai camera phone ja. But then, keadaan cuaca yang panas dan keadaan diri yang on off sihat membantutkan cita-cita. Haha. That's explaining why I cant share the whole event photos. Gambar yang dikongsi adalah few photos yang I amek di kawasan yang kurang panas. Hehe

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nikmat Sihat

Salam lovelies :)

I am not feeling well since last Saturday. Ya Allah, rasa lemah sangat. I was busy at work since last few weeks and I really need a break. One fine day, I told to myself, 'Kan best kalau sakit, bole MC. I need a day off.' Kuasa Allah, I mula diserang sakit tekak. Then, batuk sikit, pastu start demam, flu and batuk teruk. I akan muntah everytime makan, sakit kepala nyut nyut setiap masa. I hardly sleep at night. 

On Monday, I took MC. Even lemah-lemah badan tapi dalam hati hooray jap dapat rehat takyah pergi ofis. Menjelang malam, demam masih belum kebah and I was like takkan esok nak MC lagik. Oh my, I taknak. Bangun on tuesday morning, demam dah kebah but batuk tak henti-henti. I decided just to rest at home. At the same time, I still muntah lepas makan. So, sejak hari selasa, I decided to control what I consume. I akan makan setiap kali lapar tak tertahan sahaja. Sebab peritnya muntah memang sungguh mengerikan. Menom air muntah air, sampaikan keluar muntah hijau sebab dah takde ape dalam badan.

On Wednesday, I am excited to go to the office. Dah 2 hari berehat kat rumah, memang menjemukan. Kalau sihat boleh berjalan ke sana sini takpe, ne memang all the time tido sebab makan ubat mengantuk. In the morning, I was totally fine. Kelam kabut buat kerja sebab dah cuti 2 hari banyak kerja pending. Batuk and flu sikit-sikit je sebab aircond kuat. During lunch time, I turun kat surau sebab ada majlis bacaan yassin and solat hajat untuk penduduk Syria, suddenly I start batuk yang gila-gila and terus pergi toilet. Ya Allah, time tu semua benda dalam badan keluar. Mata I memang merah giler. So, I naek ofis balik having secubit roti untuk alas perut. Then, I makan ubat batuk and minta time off sekejap sebab ubat batuk mengantuk. Baru nak baring kat surau, I termuntah balik roti yang secubit tu. 

Lepas taking nap about an hour, I duduk kat tempat balik. Trying hard to focus on the work, tapi mata berpinar-pinar,  tulisan kat computer, kecik besar kecik besar je nampak. I nampak semua orang ada 2 bayang. Time ne memang dah teruk batuk tak henti-henti,hingus meleleh ja, muka merah abes. I terus pergi klinik bawah and doc pun cam risau sebab I demam balik. The doctor suruh I datang esoknya, which is today untuk buat blood test. And I dapat MC for today.

Sepanjang sakit ne, I consult with 4 different doctors. I was worried that I might have denggi ke, kencing tikus ke? Seriously takut. After amek blood test, doctor suruh bagi sampel air kencing jugak, cek perut semua la. I serious cuak sepanjang kt clinic. The result just  came out, Alhamdulillah takde ape-ape. The result is normal. I just have normal fever. With the current weather yang sekejap panas sekejap hujan, dan I pun most of the time duduk dalam aircond. Ya Allah, betapa besarnya nikmat kesihatan. I taknak lagi cakap meraban mintak macam-macam. Kata-kata kita tu satu doa kan?

Bila I sakit ne, muntah demam bagai, ramai la orang ingat I pregnant. At the office memang sibuk dah bergosip I pregnant. My mom setiap kali kol akan usik dia nak dapat cucu lagi la tuh. My mother in law keep reminding my husband suruh bawa I pergi checkup mana tau I pregnant. On Monday night, I balik sekejap rumah parents in law. Bila sakit-sakit ne memang rasa nak jumpa orang tua kan, since my parents jauh nun di Kedah, choice yang I ada balik rumah in law la. And my father in law akan asik pandang I senyum-senyum cakap demam berisi ne. Haish, some of my friends pun dok cakap I pregnant. Siap de yg texted I panggil mommy. Ces~ Hmm, family, colleagues and friends sangat excited kalau-kalau I pregnant, percayalah yang my husband and I so badly wanted a baby too. It's just not our rezeki yet. Try harder, and pray harder. 

Even all the 4 doctors did asked me 'Are you pregnant?'.. I akan cepat-cepat cakap, 'I don't think so'. Sebab I baru abes period. And I must admit that somehow bila orang dok bertanya and bercakap like, 'Ntah-ntah pregnant kot', it gave me hope. I was once terdetik, 'mungkinkah?' Dan dengan harapan yang diberikan sedikit itu, I menyorot langkah kaki ke Watson untuk beli pregnancy test kit dalam keadaan tak larat tu. I bought the cheapest test kit sebab I tak yakin yang I pregnant. Therefore, taknak membazir beli yang mahal-mahal. And..the result of course Im not pregnant. Tetapi percayalah dalam keadaan tak berharap pun (kat mulut je la, kat hati laen), I memang sedih tak terbendung. It give me a PANNGG!! Kenapa kat orang laen nampak senang je baby nak lekat? 

Ya Allah, mungkin bukan lagi rezeki I kan? Still young, just married and I shouldnt pressure myself kan? Allah bagi rezeki tepat pada masanya kan? Be positive, berusaha berdoa dan bertawakal.