Friday, March 16, 2012


Salam dearie :)

I just came back from the Matta Fair. This is my first time to the Fair and I must say that they offer a good bargain. It's Friday right after work,so takde la ramai sangat yang berkampung kat sana. My husband and I didn't have much time to tour all the booth. So, both of us memang survey yang mana nampak di mata.

Honestly, we both don't have specific place to go about. For the first round we randomly collect the leaflet and didn't bother much to really ask for the details. After an hour, we have our dinner first (the food there is so expensive). Jadi paksa rela pejam mata order dan bayar. While having the dinner we narrow down where exactly both of us want to spend time together and our pick is to the island. Glad that we have plenty of choices. We decided to book honeymoon package at one of the local island. A really good bargain I must say. And now I can't want to go there.

We about to left the hall, when a brother approached us and handed a Langkawi package leaflet. Being me who is having problem to say NO, so I spend few minutes to listen what they are going to offer. And the offer is so good that I cannot resist. Lagikpun my husband dah few times cakap dia teringin nak g langkawi. Wah, pulau lagi kte.

If I have so much money semua tempat I nak pergi. This year would be the tahun jelajah malaysia. Moh kite pusing 1 Malaysia. Next year, duet banyak sket baru pergi jauh-jauh :)

I never know that Matta Fair really give a good offer. Staying at tUne hotel for 2 nights with the air-cond, towel and toiletries for rm88 is really a steal. Same goes to Putrajaya Cruise,it's 50% off. Sungguh berbaloi-baloi.

Can't wait for the next holiday and also can't wait for the next Matta Fair.

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  1. huhu...sis...last this sunday kan?

  2. Yes dear..last on this sunday.. My friend bought a ground ticket to beijing for 5days only at rm99..such a steal. Im thinking of to drop by tomorrow and grab that offer too :)

  3. teringin nak pegi MATTA fair jugakkkkk :(

    sila jenguk my blog & join contest sy! :)

  4. Xpe sis..wait for the next matta fair in sept :)