Monday, March 19, 2012


I have so much things to share but I lost words to describe it. Hee~

Let me start with the attitude/manners that sometime we left it at home.

I am a regular passenger of Putra LRT for the past 3 years. Bermacam ragam manusia dapat dilihat. Ada yang kurang siuman, tiba-tiba datang mendekat and asked 'Hang ade berape?'.. Ikotkan hati I nak jawab 6 but I was too afraid at that time so I looked at the other side. Ignoring him,trying to avoid the eye contact.

Pernah kena raba dengan chinese guy dalam train and he's just plain rude. Bila I sound dia, dia slumber cakap'what?' sambil pandang I tak puas hati. Tak rasa bersalah lansung, muka tak malu.

Paling I menyampah,lelaki yang kita rasa cukup upaya sihat walafiat sebok berebut seat with the girls. Hello? Can u just being gentlemen?

And..I just can't tolerate with those yang tak prihatin. Apparently,old folks,kids, pregnant women standing in front of them but they just don't bother. I noticed that sometimes they did aware about the people who are more needed the seat but they just have a heart to look at them without feeling guilty. Iklan kat tv, even the sign in the train pun are clear enough. Haish, there's an incident happened last week. One pregnat woman yang tengah sarat, perut memang besar obvious, muka pucat sangat berdiri about 5minutes but then still no one offer her a seat. I tengok semua orang yang dapat seat noticed this pregnant lady tapi bole buat tak tahu. Yang sedihnya yang duduk semua perempuan yang muda belia. I just couldn't care less, I nampak at the other coach ada seat kosong so I bagitau that pregnant lady and she walked slowly sebab train tengah begerak. Semua yang dapat seat ne tengok ja. Memang tak fikir orang laen lansung. Oh please, I think they left their manners at home.

Sometimes,ada je bapak budak dukung baby sambil berdiri. Mana tangan nak pegang baby,mana tangan nak hold pemegang. Memang la tak patut kalau tengok saja.

There were few incidents that I mistaken recognizing whether it's a baby bump or the girl is actually buncit. For the safe side, just offer the seat to them. Some of them akan gelak-gelak cakap they don't need the seat and some of them akan said NO with the full expression on the face. I bet they must be cursing me. Haha.

I pernah jugak minta nak duduk sebab memang tak larat memang tak sihat. It takes about 35minutes to reach office/home and I don't want to just stand for that period. I NEED a seat.

There are so many stories to share about my experiences in the train. Yang kelakar, yang menyakitkan hati, yang buat I kadang-kadang I tak dapat lupa sampai sekarang and not to forget some sweet memories. Haha. 

Not all people being ignorance. I also met some new friends in the train. Siap jemput datang wedding dia lagi. Ada one girl ne sangat sweet. We both selalu berdiri at the same coach, i noticed dia mesti baca buku dalam train. After 3days je mesti berganti buku. Envy her, sebab semangat membaca dia berkobar-kobar? I dengan dia akan turun sama-sama at KLCC. Until one day, I work at the new place so I no longer turun kat KLCC and I naek train lebih awal and didn't see her anymore. There's one time I dropped by at KLCC to pay celcom bills and I met her there. We just exchange smile sepanjang dalam train selama ne and suddenly bila jumpa balik she said to me 'it's been a while,u are no longer taking lrt isn't it?' and we talked like we have known each other for years. We've been friends ever since that. Haha. I memang kadang-kadang muka tak malu, peramah tak tentu tempat.

I think this post is too long already. I don't think this post typed by a person who claim earlier that she just lost words to describe. Haha :)

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  1. i miss the time when I was one of the regular passenger dlm putra lrt...and monorail too...skrg dh kerja shah alam x naik lrt dh..x best huhu

  2. Huhuhu..selesa naek train kan? Tapi kalo berdiri je slalu bosan jugak la.hehe

  3. u r totally right! i met all those ignorance people in LRT as well.. seems like u have so many experience dgn LRT sampai kena raba.. huhu.. I blom pnah kena, hope xkan kena la.. mintak simpang..

  4. Izyan- kan? Mintak simpang la. Skrg dah ada train panjang,so xde la besesak gle mcm dolu2