Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kiehl's : Deodorant Cream

Salam :)

I just have to share this. 

This is my first product from Kiehl's. And I must say it is the best deodorant ever. 

I jenis yang kuat bepeluh kat ketiak, tapak tangan dan tapak kaki. So, dah try most of the dedorant in the market. Dari stick, roll-on, spray semua macam tak selesa. Spray la bole tahan sikit. Tapi bila berpeluh (even dalam aircond), I tak comfortable. Few times pergi toilet cek takut berbau. Pernah sampai terfikir nak pakai pad yang letak bawah ketiak tu, tapi sesungguhnya mesti sangat tak selesa.

Lots of people been raving about this deodorant. But I don't have the urge to try, because I never tried anything from Kiehl's range. None of my friend either. Secondly, it is cream based. Logically, cream and sweat?? I think the cream based will make it worst. Thirdly, of course the price. RM45 for deodorant?? You must be kidding me. 

It happened unexpectedly while waiting for husband at KLCC. I bought over by the sales person's explanation and decided to give it a try.

Surprisingly, this deodorant absorbent is very high. No sticky deodorant left. After a minute, it will dry. Plus point, it is odor-less. Not like Rexona that have flora/ refreshing odor. Even it is expensive for small tube, but it worthy. I just have to use it a little only, like a very small dot on my finger. I've been using it for 3-months now and there's still more. The Rexona spray can only last 3-months. I must say, it is a good bargain.

The negative side: I was expecting no more sweat underarm but too bad. The sweat still there, but not like the old days. I don't have to worry and to check in the toilet like every half an hour now. I am fully satisfied with this deodorant. 

Even though I always get things like, '45 bucks for deodorant?? Bullshitt?', but I just don't care. Happy me!!! Hahaha.