Saturday, September 29, 2012

Part Time Maid

Salam :)

What a productive Saturday today. I've been utilising every minutes of the day. Penat tapi puas hati :)

Back to the topic. I started being lazy to clean the house since I diserang morning sickness yang quite teruk on last ramadhan. 2 minggu I tak kemas rumah dan minggu depannya tuh dah raya. So, I kelam kabut cari part time maid untuk kemas rumah. I need that. I masih mampu sapu sampah, lipat kaen bagai. Tapi I tak larat nak mop rumah, cuci dapur dan sental toilet.

To cut the story short, I hire a maid from Cleaning Services. For the first time, I sangat puas hati, rumah tip top. Bersih berkilat. Paling puas hati bila tengok floor macam boleh jadi cermin dan rasa nak berlama-lama dalam toilet. Haha. Exaggerate sangat. :p

Service wise I puas hati cuma part nak claim bayaran tu I cam rasa tak best. The maid buat keje cepat, 3jam dah settle. Then, I heard from the phone her boss marah-marah tanya nape buat keje cepat sangat, why not delay sampai 4 jam. Earlier on, masa booking I cakap nak 4 jam, tapi dah siap awal I nak cakap pe lagik kan? Rumah dah sekangkang kera ja.

So, today I booked the maid again. I.was waiting for the maid to come at 5.30pm (siap rushing balik dari klcc lagik), but then smpai rumah the maid masih x muncul. I called the boss and the boss dengan slumber cakap I actually book untuk esok bukan hari ni. Eh, boleh camtu? I insisted jugak nak today, sebab tomorrow I nak kuar berjalan la kan, takkan nak duduk tunggu rumah je. And the good thing, the boss can arrange for a maid but she will come around 7pm.

So, around 7pm sampai la the maid. The new maid I guess. Buat keje tak secekap the first maid. I have to tell her after sapu rumah kena mop. And I also told her not to clean the gym room but dia buat jugak. Banyak la yang I tak puas hati compared to the first maid. Lepas mop pun masih berhabuk. I malas nak kecoh, I ambil penyapu dan sapu balik and purposely let her see me checking on her job. Part toilet I paling pantang, so pas dia siap cuci toilet I cepat-cepat pergi check. Nasib baek okay. Suprisingly dalam masa 2jam dah siap. I ingat nak mintak dia iron baju keje, tapi tak confident la pulak. Jahanam baju ktorang laki bini nanti susah pulak.

I memang rasa tak puas hati, tapi tengok dapur dan toilet okay I malas nak bising-bising being bossy. Next time kalau nak hire part time maid lagik, I kena request for the first maid la.

The rate is RM45 for 3hours. Minimum is 3hrs, kalau siap dalam masa 2jam macam I pun still kena bayar RM45. Then, for an hour add on, they charged RM10. Quite okay la I guess. For those yang kenal mana-mana part time maid yang okay, service bagus dan cover area Setapak/Gombak, silalah recommend yep. Mana tau dapat maid yang lagik better ke kan? Heee...

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 19


Alhamdulillah. I am entering 19th weeks. Sekejapan je. I am doing fine. My colleagues were quite shocked on last Monday, suddenly my tummy start showing and as what they said tiba-tiba perut nampak besar. For some people, my tummy still small for 4months. That's why I still don't get a seat in the lrt. Duh~

During my last check up, from the blood test result I got problem with low blood pressure. That's answering why I'll be sweating if I stand for too long (in the lrt of course). The sweating mean I am close to faint. But alhamdulillah till now I still tak pitam. Masih kuat. No wonder my friends said I look pale and they assumed I'm carrying a boy.
My baby is too shy to show his/her genital. We were supposed to know the gender last check up, but after long scanning process, my baby just telangkup je. We hardly see whether it's a bird or flower. Maybe the baby knew that both of us not ready yet to know the truth, that's why he/she's been hiding it. Haha.

My mom keep saying she wants a girl. Because my SIL (she's now pregnant at 21weeks) is carrying a boy again. Hee. While my MIL wants a boy. Anak sulung katanya, elok lelaki. My husband dari awal tak kesah boy or girl but I have the same opinion as my MIL, the eldest kalau boleh lelaki. But as the time passed by, deeply I want a girl. I feel like carrying baby girl inside mine. I just felt so. However, my doctor said if the mother feels like she's carrying a girl, it's actually a boy. I don't know, kena tunggu next checkup. As every other parents, I just don't really mine boy or girl, asalkan sihat alhamdulillah.

Currently I dont have appetite for rice,except nasi lemak in the morning. I prefer bread and kotiaw lately. Pity my husband dah banyak malam dinner char kotiaw. Haha. I love orange and guava more than anything. I will make sure I eat both everyday and have the juices also.
The reason is, mulut I rasa tak sedap sepanjang masa. I need something sweet and sour.

I am so into shopping right now. I control myself not to shop for the baby stuff yet, so I just window shopping and transfer the shopping feeling by buying stuff for myself. I bought blouses, skirts, skincare for myself. Menjadi-jadi rasa nak shopping padahal I have to save money for the baby. Mujur lately I dah cepat semput, so paling lama dapat bejalan dalam mall hanya 1-2 hours. Hubs pulak asyik balik keje lewat lately, so I will window shop at KLCC while waiting for him. Balik rumah penat dan akan tido awal. Bangun the next morning pun I masih rasa lenguh betis. So now, I just waited at the office je la. Huhu

Hope I'll be doing great. Next week dah 5months. Sooo fastt kan? Hmmm

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Natural Stretch Oil - Earth Mama Angel Baby

Salam :)

I've been using the Rosken stretchmark lotion since 2months pregnancy. I don't know whether it is good or not coz I'm still in early pregnancy and of course I didn't have the stretchmark yet.

However, I found out my skin cepat kering even after an hour applied it. Bila kering kulit jadi gatal. Rasa nak menggaru aje. I'm getting worried and in doubt whether this Rosken will work on my tummy. My tummy is getting bigger and I'm afraid I'm getting the stretchmark sooner. Sampai terbawa dalam mimpi, perut I penuh stretchmark. Scary :(

I googled for the best stretchmark cream. I specifically searching for something natural, sebab I can feel Rosken tu banyak chemical. I've been searching high and low until I read about Earth Mama Baby Angel Stretch Oil on Dr.Harlina's blog (the wife of Sheikh Muzaffar).

Then, I find more about the Stretch Oil and I just only found the good review about it. I texted a friend who used to live in US for years and she did gave a good review too. It works well on her. The plus point is it 100% natural and can be apply on breast too. I pernah pergi visit a friend dan masa tu dia tengah menyusu baby dia, and I nampak banyak stretch line on her breast. I risau, memang tak semua orang ada that line kat breast dan certain people apply berbotol-botol cream pun still got the stretchmark. Tapi kita mesti berusaha kan? Lepas berusaha still ada jugak tak la ralat sangat kan?

Btw, I ordered mine from It tooks about 2 weeks to arrived due to shipping problem. Masa I survey kat online shop, price semua sama, RM119.90. Yang membezakan from each online shop are the availability stock and delivery charges.

Size besar, my friend said still last till her 2nd pregnancy. Lepas dah bersalin, dia apply on her whole body. Memang a good investment la.

Really hope it works well on me :)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Switching the mood. Tomorrow is working day

Salam :)

This is my dinner for tonight. French toast with strawberry jam. Western sangat. I buat french toast bodo-bodo aje. Eggs, cinnamon ground, salt and pepper. I tak campur milk sebab I takde stock milk kat rumah. Hee.

Btw, I da sampai KL and shall continue with the vacation updates later. Right now, my body is aching especially the lower part. Pity my baby, mesti penat travel jauh-jauh and ikot parents dia bersnorkelling bagai. Hee..

Hopefully tonight dapat good rest so tomorrow pergi office I feel fresh. Ikotkan nafsu malas nak pergi keje, tapi fikirkan just 2 days ja nak keje, bertabah je lah. Can't wait for weekend to come.

Goodnyte dearie :)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coral View Island Resort : Day 1

Salam  :)

Bersiaran dari pulau indah ciptaan tuhan. Subhanallah, cantik sangat.

We safely arrived at Coral View Island Resort (CVIR) at 2pm yesterday. The journey from the Kuala Besut jetty only took about 20minutes. Sekejapan sahaja. Tapi boat sangat laju, terhentak-hentak jugak la sepanjang perjalanan. Masa ne I told my husband, luckily we did postponed our holiday, if we were to come while I was in early pregnancy memang quite risky.

Oh ya, we bought this honeymoon package (honeymoon la sgt) during Matta Fair in March. It cost us RM1k, including the return boat transfer, foods all in (breakfast, lunch & dinner), seaview room, snorkelling trip and equipment and welcoming fruit basket. It's a steal, isn't it?

Buttt..since we booked the room on 16 and only turn up on 17, so there's no seaview room available and no fruit basket. Duhhhh~ redha je since the seaview room to mcm more to view tgk matsalleh/minahsalleh half-naked.

Apparently, there are only few Malaysians here. Most of the visitors are foreigner. Memang view kat mana-mana, foreigner dok terbaring pakai 2-pieces aje. Fuhhh~

The room is quite okay. I really have high expectation tau, so bila tengok the room ala kadar, memang frustrated sikit. Siang hari masyallah panas ya rabbi, malam hari memang sejuk sampai tak perlu on aircond. The toiletries pun tak best, naseb baek I bawak own bodygel, toothpaste tapi termissed syampoo and conditioner. Penting bila rambut kena air laut, kita shampoo together with conditioner. Sebab rambut jadi keras semacam. Next time, memang kena ingat.
Air shower sangat slow, I ne jenis mandi tak puas sikit kalau air slow.
Basically, room condition i tak puas hati sangat.

What we did on first day?

Once arrived, had our lunch and back to room. Berbaring dalam bilik ja sebab hujan. After 1/2 an hour, hujan makin slow and we both straight pergi turun laut. Nama resort pun coral view, so memang tepi pantai aje pun bole snorkel and tengok coral. Time ne snorkel bodo-bodo aje pun. Ikan banyak kat tempat banyak coral, tapi kalau barefoot memang agak susah nak redah kawasan coral especially untuk orang tak pandai swim macam I. Haha.

Dah puas-puas, I terus balik bilik dan mandi. But husband being so cute taknak mandi nak pergi sambung snorkelling. He rented the life jacket because he not really a good swimmer and he's so ambitious to snorkel at the middle of the sea. I thought he will wait for me (sebab I nak kena jadi photographer dia) while I'm getting ready. Rupanya dah semangat pergi dulu. So excited like a kid.

It's so relaxing to just sat on the sand, with the nice view, the sound of the wave and angin yang menghembus pipi. I felt like I wanna stay here. Then, we were holding hands walked on the beach and just enjoy the view without talking to each other. Sound romantic. isn't it? It is indeed. Haha.

At night, we just realized there's no tv in the room. Gosh. So, after dinner, we stare at each other and burst out laughing. Bosan owh. Then, we wish we came here with family/friends, so we kind of have night activity la kan? We ended up talking and sharing childhood memories. The ugly and naughty stories and we tease each other. I would say that it's so meaningful to just spend your time with the loved one. Just the two of us. I don't the night to end but I was the one who fell asleep first. Haha

I had a great first day. Hee..

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kuala Terengganu

Salam :)

My husband and I were supposed to check-in at Coral View, Perhentian Island today. But, my husband is not feeling well since in KL. He got senak perut (yang memulas, bukan cirit birit) and we started our journey quite late, about 11.30am.

It's a long journey to Terengganu. We stopped at Kemaman for lunch and frequent stopped at the petrol station due to mak buyong yang asyik-asyik nak terkencing dan lenguh badan dalam kereta lama-lama.

At 5.30pm, we just arrived at KT. We just realized that the last ferry from the mainland to Perhentian Island is at 5pm. Gosh, tak dapat ke Perhentian today. My husband started having fever and headache. Our priority was finding a budget hotel (below rm200) for a night stay. Tried the Permai Hotel, but the room are full. Pantai Batu Buruk Resort also full, yang tinggal family room. We decided to survey few hotels first at the town. Pusing-pusing, I pulak start sakit kepala and my husband pun dah tak tahan sangat and terus decide which ever hotel yang we come across after this below rm200, just check in. And here we are, in a budget hotel in the middle of KT. I must say I preferred the Pantai Batu Buruk Resort, but just close my eyes. We only stay here for a night btw.

My husband sampai hotel, terus makan ubat and tido till now. I tak berani nak makan ubat sebarangan. So, cuba menahan pening dengan cara tradisional, iaitu minum warm water, hot bath, lie down and try to close my eyes. Tapi I takut tido skang malam nanti terkebil-kebil tak bole tido. I am so hungry right now, tapi tak sampai hati nak kejut my husband. I urut-urut leher dia pun tak sedar. Must be super tired bila drive jauh dalam keadaan tak sihat. Tengok menu room service macam tak best aje. Hurm.. My husband only ate 3 pieces of nugget for breakfast, 2 spoons of Nasi Paprik for lunch and before makan ubat tadi makan roti sikit. Dia sangat suka makan, makan banyak-banyak, bila tak lalu makan ne maknanya dia memang betul-betul tak larat. I dah suarakan few times before bertolak tadi yang we should cancelled our trip, but he insisted jugak. I pulak yang rasa serba salah and now feeling all alone sebab he's sleeping soundlessly. And dah habis daya taktau nak buat apa, hence this post.

Sampai kat KT ne, rasa cam nak tambah stok baju batik banyak-banyak. Oh ya, currently I'm loving the batik design, especially crepe material. Esok pagi before ke Perhentian, harap dapat singgah shopping. Thinking of buying the baju kelawar batik for both my mom and mummy (my mil). Both of them love that. We'll see whether I can buy my husband's heart tomorrow.

For now, I am just feeling bored, hungry and hoping that my husband is feeling well after a good rest.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jumaat lepas after work, we went straight to Malacca. My parents were at my brother's house. So, we planned to meet them there. Jalan jammed tak hingat. Penat berlama dalam kete. Sampai terus pergi Alai @ Crystal Bay Ikan Bakar to have our dinner there. My family dah siap sedia order foods, so when we arrived the foods memang dah ready. Tinggal nak melantak aje. I just muntah in the car, so selera makan dah berkurang.

The next morning, we woke up very early, sebab my parents and brother nak gerak wedding ke Johor. I tak ikot sebab today we have so much plan and need to went back to KL before night. Then, we visited atok sedara sebelah my husband. They are going to Makkah next week and my husband pulak jenis suka beborak dengan orang tua. Pastu terus gerak ke kampung husband at Klebang. We both sangat lapar, so we stopped at Klebang Original Coconut Shake and had brunch there. Nasi lemak, kueh mueh, coconut shake and air tebu (ori tak tambah gula tau) were extremely delicious. Sampai aje at kampung husband, we both tetido for 2 hours. Penat + bangun awal + kenyang + angin kuat memang buat sedap aje nak tido.

We woke up at 2.30, solat jap and have a bath terus cari makanan. Aunty Milah dah siap masak bermacam lauk while we were sleeping. BErtuah kan I ne? Pemalas. Malu tak malu pun tebal muka terus pegi makan. Aunty Milah masak asam pedas, memang sakan I makan bertambah. Haha.

Around 4pm, we headed back to KL and arrived at 5minutes before 6pm. I took a nap, I need to lie down, pinggang sakit berlama dalam kete. After maghrib dah gerak ke PIL's house. They were organizing makan-makan for their staff. It's great dapat lepak ramai-ramai.

Balik rumah dah midnight. I was supposed to pack clothes for today's trip. We are going to Perhentian Island btw. Tapi dah mengantok sangat, I terus tido. Bila bangun pagi ne hujan lebat and husband cirit-birit. Pity him. I terus bangun bersiap and let husband continue his sleep. Sian dia tak lena tido, because of frequent trip to toilet. I thought of cancelling the trip, tapi husband besemangat lagi nak pergi. We planned to bertolak at 7am, or latest by 8am. Tapi skang husband just wake up and I waited for him patiently. Entah pukul berapa nak sampai Terengganu ne. I've done with packaging, with lots of foods untuk mengunyah sepanjang pejalanan yang jauh itu. I am so looking forward. owh.

Pray that we both have a safe journey ye :)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nasi Lemak Royale @ Ampang

Salam lovelies :)
Sape pernah sampai Kedah and did taste the most delicious nasi lemak in town? haha. I suka nasi lemak royale sebab dia warna kuning dan tak selemak the normal nasi lemak. I love the kuah banjir. Memang sedap. Masa I bawak my husband round Kedah pun, I did brought him there. And he likes it, sebab rasa dia lain dari yang laen. I seldom balik Kedah sebab my parents yang always datang visit I kat sini, therefore memang jarang ah I dapat menikmati the best nasi lemak since I hidup merantau.
When I got to know that they have new branch (branch la sangat),  I was at early stage of pregnancy and dont have appetite for nasik. Semalam, a friend of mine posted his nasi lemak royale at alor star and I was like, I need to have one. Terus teringin, sampai teringat-ingat ke hari ne.
So, today we went there. Dah dekat nak sampai baru ingat nak check with my friend, kedai bukak at what time. It open from 4pm-3am. Btw, it's located at Taman Dagang Foodcourt, Ampang. Sebelah pool yep, not the one facing the road. Landmark: MBO Ampang.
Memang puas hati. Memang masih sedap as the one in Kedah. Just the price quite pricey la compared dekat Kedah. Biasalah, food kat Kedah memang murah.
Puas hati.
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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Salam Monday everyone,

How's your Monday? I still got the blues. Haha.

I've been talking about this issue like always. A seat in the LRT for those who needed.

Despite being Merdeka for 55th years, Malaysian still doesn't change. We are selfish. I was hoping, when my tummy start showing I would easily get a seat in the train. My tummy is still not big yet, but people can tell la :(

This morning while standing in the train like usual, I was praying someone would noticed me and offer their seat. Penat weh berdiri almost 40minutes in the train, with the nauseated feeling memang seksa. Husband said no one would noticed since my tummy still small, unless he requested for a seat. I won't let it, takkan kita nak terhegeh-hegeh for a seat kan?

Not far from us, one pregnant lady was standing in front of a couple and the guy doesn't bother about her. Laki sekarang memang tak gentlemen. I told to myself, that kakak pun tak dapat seat apatah lagik I. Mimpi aje la.

I don't know what happen with us, Malaysian. Don't let me start with those yang potong que. Memang selfish.

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