Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Switching the mood. Tomorrow is working day

Salam :)

This is my dinner for tonight. French toast with strawberry jam. Western sangat. I buat french toast bodo-bodo aje. Eggs, cinnamon ground, salt and pepper. I tak campur milk sebab I takde stock milk kat rumah. Hee.

Btw, I da sampai KL and shall continue with the vacation updates later. Right now, my body is aching especially the lower part. Pity my baby, mesti penat travel jauh-jauh and ikot parents dia bersnorkelling bagai. Hee..

Hopefully tonight dapat good rest so tomorrow pergi office I feel fresh. Ikotkan nafsu malas nak pergi keje, tapi fikirkan just 2 days ja nak keje, bertabah je lah. Can't wait for weekend to come.

Goodnyte dearie :)

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