Thursday, September 20, 2012

Natural Stretch Oil - Earth Mama Angel Baby

Salam :)

I've been using the Rosken stretchmark lotion since 2months pregnancy. I don't know whether it is good or not coz I'm still in early pregnancy and of course I didn't have the stretchmark yet.

However, I found out my skin cepat kering even after an hour applied it. Bila kering kulit jadi gatal. Rasa nak menggaru aje. I'm getting worried and in doubt whether this Rosken will work on my tummy. My tummy is getting bigger and I'm afraid I'm getting the stretchmark sooner. Sampai terbawa dalam mimpi, perut I penuh stretchmark. Scary :(

I googled for the best stretchmark cream. I specifically searching for something natural, sebab I can feel Rosken tu banyak chemical. I've been searching high and low until I read about Earth Mama Baby Angel Stretch Oil on Dr.Harlina's blog (the wife of Sheikh Muzaffar).

Then, I find more about the Stretch Oil and I just only found the good review about it. I texted a friend who used to live in US for years and she did gave a good review too. It works well on her. The plus point is it 100% natural and can be apply on breast too. I pernah pergi visit a friend dan masa tu dia tengah menyusu baby dia, and I nampak banyak stretch line on her breast. I risau, memang tak semua orang ada that line kat breast dan certain people apply berbotol-botol cream pun still got the stretchmark. Tapi kita mesti berusaha kan? Lepas berusaha still ada jugak tak la ralat sangat kan?

Btw, I ordered mine from It tooks about 2 weeks to arrived due to shipping problem. Masa I survey kat online shop, price semua sama, RM119.90. Yang membezakan from each online shop are the availability stock and delivery charges.

Size besar, my friend said still last till her 2nd pregnancy. Lepas dah bersalin, dia apply on her whole body. Memang a good investment la.

Really hope it works well on me :)

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  1. Good sharing...mesti skang ni rajin melayan cerita and info orang preggie kann...hehe...smpi bw termimpi tu dh masuk kategori obses berpikir tu...jgn stress ye..keep sapu:-)

  2. Hahaha.tula, dok baca blog mommytobe plak skang..dok kutip ilmu.. Hee.
    Thanks zura

  3. Hi,
    product ni elok kan :) i pun guna jugak.
    and kut2 kalau ada reader you yg nak cari product ni cheaper than retail price bleh lah redirectkan ke my blog/FB Rock a bye Baby coz i memang ada beli lebih and jual for RM85 je.