Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coral View Island Resort : Day 1

Salam  :)

Bersiaran dari pulau indah ciptaan tuhan. Subhanallah, cantik sangat.

We safely arrived at Coral View Island Resort (CVIR) at 2pm yesterday. The journey from the Kuala Besut jetty only took about 20minutes. Sekejapan sahaja. Tapi boat sangat laju, terhentak-hentak jugak la sepanjang perjalanan. Masa ne I told my husband, luckily we did postponed our holiday, if we were to come while I was in early pregnancy memang quite risky.

Oh ya, we bought this honeymoon package (honeymoon la sgt) during Matta Fair in March. It cost us RM1k, including the return boat transfer, foods all in (breakfast, lunch & dinner), seaview room, snorkelling trip and equipment and welcoming fruit basket. It's a steal, isn't it?

Buttt..since we booked the room on 16 and only turn up on 17, so there's no seaview room available and no fruit basket. Duhhhh~ redha je since the seaview room to mcm more to view tgk matsalleh/minahsalleh half-naked.

Apparently, there are only few Malaysians here. Most of the visitors are foreigner. Memang view kat mana-mana, foreigner dok terbaring pakai 2-pieces aje. Fuhhh~

The room is quite okay. I really have high expectation tau, so bila tengok the room ala kadar, memang frustrated sikit. Siang hari masyallah panas ya rabbi, malam hari memang sejuk sampai tak perlu on aircond. The toiletries pun tak best, naseb baek I bawak own bodygel, toothpaste tapi termissed syampoo and conditioner. Penting bila rambut kena air laut, kita shampoo together with conditioner. Sebab rambut jadi keras semacam. Next time, memang kena ingat.
Air shower sangat slow, I ne jenis mandi tak puas sikit kalau air slow.
Basically, room condition i tak puas hati sangat.

What we did on first day?

Once arrived, had our lunch and back to room. Berbaring dalam bilik ja sebab hujan. After 1/2 an hour, hujan makin slow and we both straight pergi turun laut. Nama resort pun coral view, so memang tepi pantai aje pun bole snorkel and tengok coral. Time ne snorkel bodo-bodo aje pun. Ikan banyak kat tempat banyak coral, tapi kalau barefoot memang agak susah nak redah kawasan coral especially untuk orang tak pandai swim macam I. Haha.

Dah puas-puas, I terus balik bilik dan mandi. But husband being so cute taknak mandi nak pergi sambung snorkelling. He rented the life jacket because he not really a good swimmer and he's so ambitious to snorkel at the middle of the sea. I thought he will wait for me (sebab I nak kena jadi photographer dia) while I'm getting ready. Rupanya dah semangat pergi dulu. So excited like a kid.

It's so relaxing to just sat on the sand, with the nice view, the sound of the wave and angin yang menghembus pipi. I felt like I wanna stay here. Then, we were holding hands walked on the beach and just enjoy the view without talking to each other. Sound romantic. isn't it? It is indeed. Haha.

At night, we just realized there's no tv in the room. Gosh. So, after dinner, we stare at each other and burst out laughing. Bosan owh. Then, we wish we came here with family/friends, so we kind of have night activity la kan? We ended up talking and sharing childhood memories. The ugly and naughty stories and we tease each other. I would say that it's so meaningful to just spend your time with the loved one. Just the two of us. I don't the night to end but I was the one who fell asleep first. Haha

I had a great first day. Hee..

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