Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kuala Terengganu

Salam :)

My husband and I were supposed to check-in at Coral View, Perhentian Island today. But, my husband is not feeling well since in KL. He got senak perut (yang memulas, bukan cirit birit) and we started our journey quite late, about 11.30am.

It's a long journey to Terengganu. We stopped at Kemaman for lunch and frequent stopped at the petrol station due to mak buyong yang asyik-asyik nak terkencing dan lenguh badan dalam kereta lama-lama.

At 5.30pm, we just arrived at KT. We just realized that the last ferry from the mainland to Perhentian Island is at 5pm. Gosh, tak dapat ke Perhentian today. My husband started having fever and headache. Our priority was finding a budget hotel (below rm200) for a night stay. Tried the Permai Hotel, but the room are full. Pantai Batu Buruk Resort also full, yang tinggal family room. We decided to survey few hotels first at the town. Pusing-pusing, I pulak start sakit kepala and my husband pun dah tak tahan sangat and terus decide which ever hotel yang we come across after this below rm200, just check in. And here we are, in a budget hotel in the middle of KT. I must say I preferred the Pantai Batu Buruk Resort, but just close my eyes. We only stay here for a night btw.

My husband sampai hotel, terus makan ubat and tido till now. I tak berani nak makan ubat sebarangan. So, cuba menahan pening dengan cara tradisional, iaitu minum warm water, hot bath, lie down and try to close my eyes. Tapi I takut tido skang malam nanti terkebil-kebil tak bole tido. I am so hungry right now, tapi tak sampai hati nak kejut my husband. I urut-urut leher dia pun tak sedar. Must be super tired bila drive jauh dalam keadaan tak sihat. Tengok menu room service macam tak best aje. Hurm.. My husband only ate 3 pieces of nugget for breakfast, 2 spoons of Nasi Paprik for lunch and before makan ubat tadi makan roti sikit. Dia sangat suka makan, makan banyak-banyak, bila tak lalu makan ne maknanya dia memang betul-betul tak larat. I dah suarakan few times before bertolak tadi yang we should cancelled our trip, but he insisted jugak. I pulak yang rasa serba salah and now feeling all alone sebab he's sleeping soundlessly. And dah habis daya taktau nak buat apa, hence this post.

Sampai kat KT ne, rasa cam nak tambah stok baju batik banyak-banyak. Oh ya, currently I'm loving the batik design, especially crepe material. Esok pagi before ke Perhentian, harap dapat singgah shopping. Thinking of buying the baju kelawar batik for both my mom and mummy (my mil). Both of them love that. We'll see whether I can buy my husband's heart tomorrow.

For now, I am just feeling bored, hungry and hoping that my husband is feeling well after a good rest.

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