Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random: To Know & To Learn

Salam lovelies..

Waking up in the morning and it is raining was really a bliss. I dont know how to describe it but I somehow love the smell. Rasa sejuk. Rasa Allah tu dekat.

I dont know what really happened to me. But I can feel how the Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia did helped me to see life in different ways. To be positive. Always. I am still struggling to be a better muslim.

At the end of 2011,many people set their resolution. So am I. At first I thought of keeping it only to myself. But how my past experience told me to really speak out the goal and only then you dont forget about what you had set and strive for it. I dont know it is psychology or what but it helped. During my uni time, I will stick an A4 paper wrote "by hook or by crook,i must get a dean's list" at my study place. And starting from that moment, dean's list is in my hand. See,how this thing work. The power of being reminding all the time on what we had determine earlier.

Instead of having so many things to achieve like the yesteryears, I decided to focus on two major things only. Haha.

1) To become a better muslim.

2) To learn how to swim.

I know I should start to become a better muslim like long time ago. In fact,it is a never ending process. This time, I really hope that I istiqamah in what I'm doing. Thank Allah that I have a such a good friend, who never give up to invite me to usrah and majlis ilmu.Thanks Solha dearie.

I taknak change dratically without knowing what's the purpose of doing so. I takut I hangat-hangat tahi ayam je. So, masih banyak ilmu that I have to gain dan mesti istiqamah untuk join majlis ilmu. The last time i join majlis ilmu was during my secondary school. Biasalah, at boarding school semua majlis ilmu wajib join. Nak taknak kena dengar. Kalau tak wajib memang I yang tak sedar diuntung ne tak join. Bila zaman uni,zaman kerja memang banyak lagi alasan tercipta untuk elak ke majlis ilmu. To start it back this year memang perlu keazaman yang kuat. Moga I sentiasa ada dalam lindungan Allah. InshaAllah.

To achieve 2nd goal is really important for me.

Some people might think that to learn how to swim is not a major thing. But I am really keen to learn. It's frustating to realized that swimming is good for your health but I dont know how to be good at it. Seeing my sister-in-law berenang happily, and how they sometimes bother about the height of the pool made me feel such a loser. Because I usually end up berendam sahaja and most of the time jadi penunggu setia tepi pool bila kedalaman pool melepasi ketinggian I.

To keep myself motivated, I need a reward upfront. Haha. Like last time, I want to keep fit by sweating in and out. That's answering why I sign up for the gym membership and bought myself a sport shoes that cost me about RM400. Everytime I am lazy to go to the gym I akan teringat yang I have an expensive sport shoes and I need to wear it. Kalau tak rugi duet beli mahal-mahal. That's how things works on me.

So for this time,  I need to buy the swimsuit first then I should enroll the swimming class. Heh. :)

InshaAllah. Moga dipermudahkan segalanya. AMINN~

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