Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh My Handbouquet

I have come to a stage where I want everything to be in details. I dont know why I've been putting myself in this situation. I dont know whether I am normal or not, or just like the other bride-to-be??.. And please tell me that deep thinking + surveying + researching on the perfect hanbouquet is actually normal. Haha..

It happened because I dont really know what I want. At one time, I want this and that. Bole ke I nak semua? Tamak. To choose the suitable color also give me a headache.

After a week of browsing high & low, I guess I have come to a decision. Well, atleast I have something in mind. Untuk sedapkan hati sendiri btw. Some HB that really caught my eyes are:

It's a combination of carnation & ?? (i don't know huh)

Shocking color. Nice isn't it? It's roses & hydraenga

Simple. Vibrant pink roses

It's carnation u olss.. Sweet. Perfect for solemnization :)

Colorful Gerbera Daisies

Calla lilies & Peonies

Calla lilies & roses

Lagi Gerbera Daisies. Stunning, is it?

Pastel Color. Peonies & roses & hydraenga

My Favorite. Combination color of calla lilies

White Tullip. Sucii gilerr

Peonies u olss

Calla lilies & roses

Calla lilies & purple roses

 Quite a lot kan yang I shortlisted. Haha~


  1. peonies tu lawa..(baru tahu nama)..

    mine carnation + rose..:)..

    selamat memilih dear..

  2. semua nyer HB masa my recep pun all carnation ..masa sambut menantu roses~

  3. i always love lilies tp mahal sehh. haha. if diberi pilihan utk buat sendiri, i'll choose roses & hydraenga. nice combination i think.
    btw, if you decide nak tempah, try check with The Craft Potion. gorgeous & affordable. ;-)

  4. @Kina ~ yep yep.. HB u pun cantek.. veil cntk, suma cntk la dear... lega u da setel suma kn?

    @Hunny Kitty~ i rs carnation n roses mmg jd bnyk plhn org kn? besnyaa u da lps ;)

    @ HAzz~ hydraenga nice kn? mcm ana dahlia nye HB.. hehehe... thanks for the info dear, will consider btw

  5. it's so very normal to act like that.. coz i did dulu.. haha..

    i pun dulu sampai nak kawen rambang mata.. last2 pergi floristika and decide kat sana..

    peonies cantik but very the expensive.. carnation murah dan cantik, and tahan lama.

  6. @ Getting Hitched~ glad to know that i am actually normal. hahah.. floristika sgt2 murah ke? hm..itula, yg kte suka mst sgt mhl kn? :)