Friday, November 4, 2011


What a challenging week for me :(

With the reception dress turn to disastrous. And how the tailor don't really care with my opinion/comments.
And 'he' kept on saying, "chantek..chantek.." whathefish? I am the one who will wear that dress kot.
Seriously, I cant sleep the whole night. After thoroughly thinking, discussions, my fiance and I decided to make a whole new dress for the Kedah reception. Not exactly a dress, because time is not permitted so I have to go for kurung modern as for the reception outfit. Tak sempat dah nak patch lace bagai. Redha. I know it will turn out to be so simple and the guests yang datang mungkin lagi vogue dari pengantin tetapi apakan daya, as long as I am confident enough with what I'm wearing, I believed it will still be my day. Pray hard, everything will turn out well.

Forget about the negative vibes yang keep on surround me for the pas few days. Let's forgive, forget and move on. I percaya takde rezeki but terkilan tetap ada. Dugaan nak tengok I gelabah-kuat ke idak. Hee.

I am going back to my hometown in a few minutes. Pray that I have a safe journey back home to Kedah. I believed the journey will be such a long time wasted on the road. And hoping that I can get ample-comfortable sleep in the car. (I am the useless co-driver. Haha). Also, lots of things can be settled when I am back home, like the legal stuff, outfit for my family, bunga pahar and VIP doorgift. 

So, let's have a pericous time with family. Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha. Selamat Hari Raya Korban. And let us together remembering the sacrifice made by Nabi Ibrahim a.s. Moga-moga kisah Nabi Ibrahim a.s bisa menerbitkan lebih rasa kecintaan, kesedaraan bahawa 'selfish' is not the word that should be belong to human. Dan kita hidup hanya bukan untuk diri sendiri sahaja. 

Salam and happy holiday :)

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