Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'll be getting married in less than a month. Fuhh~ 

Lots of the things settled already, except the legal stuff. Heh, I am supposed to be going back to my hometown this week. But I have to go to Bintulu & Kuching for work this Monday-Wednesday. Am thinking of taking extra leave on 29th of November,so that I can settle the Nikah procedure thingy but I have to organize a training on 30 Nov & 1 Dec. I don't think my boss will happily give a green light.

I'll be in the office for 9 days only before I start my long marriage leave. But, there are lots of things to be settled. I need more hours in a day. Hmmm.. When I really said, 'I need more hours in a day' I will straightly remember that Albert Einstein did have the same hours like us, but he still can survive and he is somebody okay, as compared to me. So, the key word here is, TIME MANAGEMENT. Ne tidak, pantang free sikit main Fruit Ninja sampai lenguh tangan. Pastu claim nak more hours, tak sedar, tak reti bersyukur kan? Heheeee, I need the positive pills.Please please, time management is essential. :)

Currently, I've been packing my stuff, because I'll be moving out to a new house soon. Yahoo~
And I've been packing my stuff at the office too, as my department will be moving out to new tower. Huh, lots of packaging-thingy lately.

Then, I'd already terminated my gym membership. December should be the last month for me to fully utilize all the gym's facilities. Honestly, I really enjoy going to the gym, especially the BodyJam class, the sauna & steam. Oh my, I am going to miss it. One thing, all members at the gym have the same mission, to keep fit & healthy. So, kalau rasa tak confident bila lepak dengan kawan-kawan sebab kawan-kawan kau semua body cun, tapi tidak kalau di gym. Sebab takde sape nak cakap, 'Eh, gemuknya minah yang kat treadmill tuh'. I feel secure there. Tapi kalau naek treadmill yang depan sekali, then after 5minutes you stop memang segan kot nak turun pandang muka semua orang. Haha, that is how I motivated myself. 
BUT..due to certain reasons, I can't commit myself. The fee is getting higher, approximately RM200/mth. I usually going to the gym after work. And sometimes the BodyJam class start at 7.40pm and it is an hour class. Being a wife later, I dont really think my future husband expected his wife reaching home at 9pm. So, I bulat hati terminated the membership. I'll find other ways to keep fit & healthy. Ceewah~

Dulu-dulu, I talk to myself, a month before the wedding day I nak relax and prepared mentally for the marriage life. Like, read lots of kisah isteri nabi and learn how to cook. I really want to be a good wife. I bukan sahaja nak prepare dais I design pe, baju color pe je.. I want to be mentally & physically ready. And now, banyak benda yang perlu settle dan memerlukan perhatian lebih. Jadi, haruslah pandai bahagi masa.

I'll be getting better in time. InshaAllah :)


  1. Do calm down and chill. Less than a month to go? You really can't do much already except to pray that everything will be okay :). Please remember, what's important is that you and him become man and wife, the rest are pretty much secondary :).

    Good luck on the final wedding preps! Insya-Allah you'll be fine :)

  2. Nawar~ yep, i am at a stage where i just praying hard everything will turn out okay :) thanks btw :)