Saturday, November 12, 2011


Going to a new place for vacation always such a troublesome. Atleast for me. Hehe. So, currently I've been surveying the best hotel for honeymoon. It need lots of hardwork. Firstly, it is important to compare the price with other website. From my experience, always offer the best price among all. Kan? Kan?

Secondly, I mesti nak baca review from other customer. Sangat penting, especially review from Malaysian jugak. The one thing I noticed, Malaysian nye review mesti sebut pasal tempat makan. Samada tempat makan jauh sangat, makanan tak sedap, makanan mahal, etc. Haha. I came across this one review from Malaysian, despite of the room is so small, no handtowel provided, lift is so slow, she still rated the hotel 4 out of 5 just because the buffet breakfast was yummy and lots of halal/delicious food nearby hotel. Being Malaysian, memang suka makan. If from other countries, they always concerned about the receptionist staff and room condition.

My concern is on the non-smoking room, the environment around the hotel, the breakfast is included-must be halal too (I always love breakfast at the hotel,sangat variety), easy access to public transport and atleast provide the basic amenities. And I tak bole duduk dalam bilik without window, so that room must have window. Tak kisahlah view ape pun, so long I bole nampak luar I am more than happy. Dapat view pantai or city tu adalah bonus. Hee. For those yang pernah pergi Vietnam mesti noticed masa nak book hotel, mesti ada mentioned bilik ada tingkap or tak. Sebab mostly bilik memang takda tingkap and they will charged higher if you request for a room with window. But based on my experience, kalau pergi Ho Chi Minh, bilik takde tingkap pun takpe sebab I was once requested a room with window but end up I can't see any nice view except the wall of next building.Tahulah Ho Chi Minh, bangunan rapat-rapat, pastu tak lebar, tapi memang tinggi-tinggi. Tanah memang kecik, that's why semua buat building tingi-tinggi.

Ho Chi Minh City 2010.. Crowded gilaa kan?

Hmmm..then when I dah finalized which hotel is under 'To be considered' I have problem to decide which one to choose. I hate myself, for taking about a week to actually decide a hotel. Haha. Orang kedekut, cerewet tak tentu pasal memang suka menyusahkan diri sendiri. Heh.


  1. mmg crowded pown . ;)
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