Sunday, August 5, 2012

You don't have to win to be our Hero

Dear DLCW,

You had already made us proud. Don't cry. It's even heartbreaking than watching you lose in the game.

I just dont care about the free ice cream and potential public holiday. We just want u to win. It's so close and We dont blame you. It's such a tight game, you made my heart bumping from 8pm to 9.20pm. And it was the best game ever. People called it kalah bermaruah.

You are already our hero. :)
Good job!!!

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  1. Yup so true. Even i tak tengok tp i scroll twitter je pun dah cukup buat i bangga pastu sedih tgk gambar dia nangis tau. Malaysian hero :)

  2. Cha- nape u x tgk? Rugiii.. Heee. Despite the silver medal, he unites all Malaysian,except that Manohara.haha

    Liza-yes.indeed he is.

  3. sebak masa tgk dia nangis kan. chayokkkkkk !!