Friday, August 10, 2012

A bun in the oven

Salam dearie :)

Alhamdulillah, Allah has answered our prayers. Both of us can't thankful Him enough for this rezeki.

I am pregnant at 3 months and InshaAllah I will be entering 2nd trimester next week. Alhamdulillah, I am about to pass the 1st trimester which is for me quite challenging. The possibility for miscarriage is lower and I truly hope everything is going to be fine. I went through the 1st trimesters with lots of hiccups, and so nervous that anything bad might happen. Touch wood. And to survive the pregnancy especially during fasting month is really hard for me. Seriously. Anyhow, for the little baby inside my womb, whatever may come I am willing to undergo it as long as the baby is healthy and okay in 'there'. 

How I discovered that I've been carrying a little tiny baby in my womb?
It all started when I missed the period for 5days. After getting married, my period still regular but for certain months, I usually missed period not more than 3days. I was reluctant to check with the test kit because for the last 5 months, I'd always got the false hope, wrong alarm. Until one day, I noticed there was a yellowish spot on the pantyliner and I started googling what's the yellowish spot all about. I was happy with what I found out, it's a good sign og pregnancy btw. I have the normal symptoms of having PMS, like breast tenderness and swollen, back-ache, waist-ache and rasa cam senggugut and keras at lower abdomen. The unusual symptoms are only I rasa angin satu badan, badan lenguh-lenguh, I cepat penat, headache and lose appetite. Husband asked me to wait until Friday eventhough I am so eager to try the pregnancy tesk kit at that time. I bought the cheapest test kit (Watson's brand and it cost me only RM6++), but I bought it 2 sets. Haha. Straight away after reached home, I terus try and what I saw was only a faint line at positive indicator. I googled and most of my findings said, it's positive. But I still tak puas hati, I want to try with the first urine in the next morning. I woke up at 6 am and couldn't wait to test it again. And the result is still the same.

Then, I remembered that one of my colleague had used the ClearBlue brand, and the test kit will show you whether preganant or not and if pregnant, how many weeks. I rasa that one is way better sebab tak payah nak frust bila result faint line lagi. I just want to know, Im pregnant or not. Giler gediks tak sabar kan?  So, I bought the ClearBlue brand which cost me about RM27 (mahal giler) but I redha ja. I tried it on first urine Sunday morning.Alhamdulillah. Glad that the result adalah POSITIVE.

Alhamdulillah. Rezeki. Later, pergi klinik biasa just to confirm the pregnancy, estimated due date (EDD) and estimated weeks of pregnancy. My husband and I have to cancel our 'ala-ala honeymoon vacation' at Perhentian Island the following week as both of us didn't want to risk anything eventhough the doctor said it shouldn't be a problem. We both found out it's quite challening to get conceived and we won't risk the baby.

And now I am still surviving during fasting months, though dah 5 hari tinggal puasa sebab asyik muntah and heartburn. I am not that lucky mom-to-be where I have to went through the morning sickness. That's answering why I macam not functioning much lately. The things Im doing best currently are sleeping, vomiting, sleeping, vomiting and the process still going on. Hoping that by 4months this morning sickness will go away. Haha. Masa I missed period and still tak try the test kit, I was really hoping that there's a baby inside mine. And I kept on praying that time, and I remembered I ever said to Dear Lord that I am willing to bear anything that may come, I rela morning sickness and I rela even ujian I nak jadi parent agak berliku as long as I have the chance to conceived our own baby. I asked, and He answered. So, I won't complain much on what I have to face, sebab bila dapat tau Im pregnant, the feeling is priceless. I asik rasa, what I have done sampai orang yang banyak dosa cam I ne Allah bagi peluang untuk jadi parent. Time to ponder, to reflect, to muhasabah and to be thankful for whatever rezeki He gave. 

Alhamdulillah and praise to Dear Allah.

...yep, Im on MC today..that's why I have time to write an entry from the laptop. Dah lama tak bukak laptop rasanya. sebab by phone rasanya lagik hassle-free. Heh.


  1. tahniah baizura :) take care :)

  2. Yeay bestnya. Congrats u. Take care tau. Kalau tak larat tak pyhla puasa :)

    1. Cha- thanks u..inshallah, i malas nk mengganti puasa nnt.huhuhu

  3. weee~~ congrats!! enjoy your 2nd trimester! ;)

    1. Thanks Hazz. Hopefully dpt enjoy. Dah habes i khatam pregnancy post u buat rujukan. Hee :)