Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raya at Kedah

Salam dearie,

How's your raya? Mine was great. And I started working today (very efficient huh?). I believed everyone still in Raya mood, so do I. That's why I am not functioning at the office today. I'm staring at document like few minutes in the morning and I ended up with buat filing. Things that I don't have to use my brain, buat filing sambil makan kueh raya and borak-borak. Everyone yet to get on working mode. Haha. I know, I've been discounted on my work but I just can't help. Hee

I ate a lot. Seriously like a lot. At the end of the day, I can tell my tummy start showing. People will easily recognized that I'm pregnant. How cool is it? No one will blame you for eating a lot. I ate rendang daging, serunding udang, ketupat, kueh raya, kerepek and so many more to mention. All the raya dishes suddenly become my favourite. I love ketupat pulut, but it doesn't mean I can eat more than 2 ketupats at a time, but this time is crazy. All the foods that I've been craving for, semua my mom prepared. I love her deep deep. Haha. I requested for nasi daging, mee rebus, cucoq udang with kuah kacang (tak feel gile orang KL makan coq udang ngan sos), cempedak goreng (Nadia helped me to find the cempedak, at my place cempedak sume kurus-kurus takde isi) and ayam masak merah. I've been craving for laksa too, but since Nadia prepared laksa during raya, so my husband and I decided to beraya at Nadia's place on 2nd day of Raya. On the 3rd day, I went to Teh's big day and there's laksa and I can't resist the smell of laksa. So, makan lagik. Balik dari wedding Teh, I dropped by at atok's house before leaving Kedah and found out the aunties prepared laksa, I was full at that time. But thinking back that I'm going to be back in KL and it's so hard to find laksa that suit my taste, so makan lah lagik laksa. Told ya, I ate a lot at my hometown.

Not even once I felt like throwing up. My sickness gone away, the sleepiness habit too. I thought the morning sickness phase has passed but I am wrong. Once touched  down at LCCT, i was nauseated. And I started throwing out when reached home. Since I'm back in KL, i vomited without failed during morning and night. I kept telling my husband, the baby don't like KL. He/she preferred staying in Kedah. Haha. I blame the foods in KL, most of it I tapau-ed which we don't know whether it prepared in hygenic condition or not. Kat Kedah, celik mata aje foods dah ready, bersusun on the dining table and all are homemade youu. Heaven. I kan pemalas nak sedia makanan bagai. Must be extra rajin after this, sacrifice for the sake of baby kan?

Btw, no raya pictures yet, the pics still in my husband's camera. Will share my raya pics later. :)


  1. Haha. Nothing beats mom's cook la kan weh. I bet ur baby prefer jadi orang Kedah dari orang KL. Darah Kedah lagi kuat kena kat dia. Dalam perut lagi dah suka laksa bagai. :)

  2. yang-of course. i wonder bila my kids besar nnt they will proud/craving fr my cooks. haha.
    So true..dh lama rs KL is so not me.x kena angin bjaya mkn laksa kt little penang. tbe2 rs laksa tu dh x an hour, trs muntah blk. hohoho.padahal dh craving since early ramadhan