Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zeti shares secrets of success

 Who doesn't even know who is Zeti Akhtar Aziz? Oh, please. Don't let me have the NO answer. 
I've been admiring her so much. She doesn't look like she's 63. She is a kind of person that I want to be in my future years. Nope, I'm not trying to tell that I want to be the Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) Governor, I am just impressed how she handle her stress. 

I pernah kerja like mad, keluar jam 7.45am, pulang sekitar 9pm, I have to work on Saturday.I dont even have a life, and I sangat stress.I can't manage myself. Icant bear with the hectic working life. That's why I resigned with 24-hours noticed and looking for another job. 

Hey, look at Zeti Akhtar, she is one of the most important person in Malaysia, she lead the financial sector but beliau sangat steady sihat walafiat segala. Cant believed at the age of 63, buah fikiran beliau masih bernilai, sangat berharga. Jauh benar stress dan responsible yang our Governor kena tanggung as compared to mine? Tak ke patut I contohi beliau? Oh my, have you ever thinking of, who will be the next BNM's Governor? I hope he/she must be that someone yang sangat tough. Because, we as Malaysian must have high expectation to the next Governor. Aren't we?

Below are the tips/secrets shares by Zeti. No, I am not interviewing her in person. Haha. I read from Business Times Malaysia. Credit to BTM. :)

Her job is among the most demanding and comes with a lot of pressure, yet Bank Negara Malaysia governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz never loses sleep.

She keeps her cool by staying focused, being driven to deliver, eating right, managing time well and knowing when stress is taking a toll.

"Firstly, it is staying focused on what is to be achieved (and) being very driven," she said, revealing her "secret" at the Women In Leadership Forum Asia in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Malaysia's first central bank woman governor was responding to a question from the floor on "the secret of her staying regal, calm and serene".

The 63-year old Zeti said it is essential to take care of one's health, especially if the person takes on a serious responsibility.

"Eating right (and) having enough sleep, for those who enjoy sleeping," she said, which drew laughter from some 200 forum participants, who were mostly women.

She was previously asked on what kept her awake at night, to which she replied "nothing".

Zeti eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. This reminds Malaysians of her father, Royal Professor Ungku Aziz Ungku Abdul Hamid, who maintains his health on a balanced diet of mainly fruits and vegetables.

She added that time and stress management is very important in her job.

"I don't say I'm not affected by events ... at some point of time, the stress level can be very mighty and hard to endure, but you have to take things in perspective.

"You have the feeling that you don't want to keep your country down, so you give the best that you can," she enthused.

Zeti, who has two children, said a mother has an instinct to protect her family, and this is applicable to women in leadership positions in the public sector, where they would also feel the need to preserve the country's prosperity and stability.

"You also have to know signs that things are taking a toll on you ... recognise your body signals to slow down and recover," the soft-spoken Zeti said, with a smile that never left her face.

She is also fortunate to have a father who always talks about stress management.

"I learned a lot from him," she said, adding that Ungku Aziz just celebrated his 89th birthday last month.

"He commented that he has never worked as hard as I do," she added.

On another question from the floor, Zeti said in Malaysia's financial services industry, there are already future women leaders in the pipeline.

"Many women (in the sector) are now in middle management, so moving forward in the future, there will be more who will rise to leadership positions," she said.

There is also potential for women in the retail business, a huge industry in Malaysia where women form the majority of consumers.

The retail sector has expanded and benefited from Malaysia's emphasis on domestic demand to sustain economic growth.

Earlier in her speech, Zeti said while the opportunities are immense for women in the public sector, few rise to leadership positions.

"While there is still a glass ceiling, as we advance forward into the future, the foundations are already in place for women to advance forward into leadership positions," she said.

For a woman who is a mother, wife and daughter, the sacrifice involved is greater.

"The challenge will be to achieve a balance so that work performance is not being adhered (to) at all cost," she said, adding that support systems at work and home are vital.


  1. well thanks!im motivated now! :)

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  3. PussyCat~ glad that it did motivated u too..

    intan~ huhuh..act, we all know how healthy n important vege n fruits, but we just ignore the facts kn? so, dah nampak hasil from Zeti Akhtar, we should disipline la lps ne.hehe