Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what a day :(

Simply because i cant thinking of another better title,  i end up recycle and use the same status @ FB.

I dont know how to start..?

Had it ever occured to you,when something bad happened and it's like a chain. All the bad things will keep on coming. Until it made you realized, 'what's the sign God trying to tell you'. It's such a wake up call.

Thinking of piles of work on my table and the week going to be short with the holiday coming on Friday, I decided to go to the office a little bit early. And it's a wrong timing actually. Putra LRT got problems. Oh my, makin lama makin kerap train problem. At 8am, I still can get myself in the train. If 8am still not in the LRT, I am going to be late. When it happened I can finally squeeze myself in the train, it was very crowded and packed. I was like sardin in a can, I cant even move for a better position. Dah la, train sangat slow dan stop at the station longer than it should be. 

When the train approaching Damai station, there's announcement said that it's the last stop and all of us have to leave the train. I was like, SHITTT. I can even heard myself saying that SHITTT word. I was so mad and that shitt word did attracted people surround me and gave me one-kind of look. Oh, at that moment I dont care what people might be judging me. Like I care~

I cant remember how long I stranded at the Damai station but 7 LRTs passed by and I cant even get myself in it. Time tu jugak nak sakit perut. I terus turun pergi toilet,and so happened air kat toilet sangat kotor. Air color merah bagai. Being mad, sampai I terbukak air paip kuat gila and habis basah kaen baju kurung I. That's coming the second SHITT of the day. Then, the dryer is not working and I see no point they equipped those thing if it cannot ease the user. That's goes my 3rd SHITT. If you are pengguna tegar LRT like me and kerapkali facing this train problem since the last 3years, you will know how I really mad, especially train problem in the morning. 

Back to upstairs, the chinese girl in front of me masa beratur sebelum pergi toilet pun still tak dapat naek train. It's 9am already and I couldnt care anymore. Memang dah lambat, so I decided untuk duduk kat kerusi and malas nak bother beratur cepat-cepat naek train.

9.15 - I managed to get myself a place in the coach and I was like lega finally I can get myself in. Then, at the Kampung Baru station, I have to leave the train again. Oh my God, Rapid..It's not funny okay? Are you guys trying to play with me? There it goes, I cant stop myself from saying Shittt..shittt..shittt.. In my whole life, today is the day I sebut Shitt like hundred times.

My story doesnt stop there, sampai at Bangsar station and I was still mad. Still shit-ting. Texted encik tunang that I finally sampai Bangsar. Encik tunang adviced to recite ayat qursi, to cool down myself. Sebab I was in a state whereby I cannot think positive for whatever happened like I used to. I really cant tolerate with the train delay anymore. Seriously. I'm on my first line of the ayat qursi, a man approaching me and asked for money. I dont know what happened to me, I cant recall. What I can remember, he greeted me with salam and to borrow rm38 for reason-I-cannot-remember. He didnt touch me, I dont look into his eyes pun but I have no idea why Im giving him rm50. I did wrote something on the paper, but I cannot remember. It's 2 lines, but I seriously dont know apa yang I tulis. I tak ingat muka dia. After that man berlalu, I still at the same spot, just looking his back away from me. Then, I was like thinking why I gave him my rm50? I tak terasa nak took any action and teruskan perjalanan ke office. Tempat kejadian sangat cerah, banyak orang lalu-lalang even the guard pun nampak I berborak with the man.  I dont know, maybe I kena pukau, maybe I was too mad, I dalam dunia I sendiri ke?I cant think wise ke?..I seriously cant recall.

Masuk dalam building office, then I started thinking and shivering. Im sweating, darah terasa berderau, i sangat blank.. Sampai je office, tears running down my cheek. I sangat-sangat takut. Told my colleagues about it and I straight away changing my maybank2u password, atm pin num. Checking my cards, my jewelleries. Sebab I memang tak ingat I tulis ape on the paper.

Lesson learnt- (1) Control rasa marah-geram-sakit hati. (2) Instead of shit-ting, banyak-banyak selawat, ingat semuanya hanya dugaan Allah. (3) Recites ayat-qursi, al-fatihah, surah 3-qul everytime keluar rumah and bila rasa tak dapat control diri.  (4) Keep alert with surrounding. (5) Stop being friendly ramah tamah dengan orang tak kenal. 

Whatever is, I sangat bersyukur I selamat. Nothing bad happened. Allah nak remind me, dont take things for granted. 

Yang I ralat, Rm50 for me sangat banyak. Dengan lepas Raya, budget lari, bayar deposit sana-sini, wedding preps lagi. I am seriously sangat terasa kehilangan RM50. RM50 mean so much to me, especially dalam keadaan budget tight ne.

So, girls out there..please be extra careful. Nowadays tak kira tempat cerah ke, orang ramai ke, danger still await. Dont forget to recite ayat-qursi everytime keluar rumah.

It's a CALL. Kena muhasabah diri, Allah masih sayang. Mungkin ada benda yang I lupa, Allah nak ingatkan. I wont let this exprience just bygone like that. I want this experience to be the meaningful one. I taknak sia-siakan pengalaman ne. If not, I was at double-rugi side. RM50 melayang, masa terbuang but I learnt nothing kan? So, I will always keep this lesson in mind.


  1. try cited ayat yasin yg ke8 (kalau xsilap) "wajaalna min baini........ layubsirun" dia pendiding dari niat jahat org kat kita. actually applicable utk harta yg kta tinggalkan. tapi aku pakai jek everytime aku kuar rumah o aku xmo benda yg aku xsuka nampak aku (eg: mcm bos nak pilih org utk stay back kat ofis, baca, insyaAllah dia xnampak kta hehe)

    baca makna dia, then u will understand the relevance :)

    be extra careful next time. duduk dalam kelompok yang ramai, jangan duduk sorang2, senang orang nak dekati~

  2. baizura....kesiannya awak lagi lama kena tahan....mmg kelam kabut waktu kat station kg baru tu kan.. nasib baik tak pape..anw, keep on wathching your account etc since tak tau apa yang ditulis kan.. address rumah, account bank, handphone, ic.. sekarang ni mcm2 orang bole buat once dapat info pasal diri kita...keep watching kay, bc doa bnyk2, take care n enjoy!(b2b jgn byk kerut muka) :-D

  3. sorry, i take it long before perasan komen korang neh..

    @sym~ thanks yang..akan cuba amalkan :)

    @zura~ ur day lagi dahsyat kn hr tu? smpai ke malam penatnya awak tu kn?...mmg dh tukar suma pin no and mmg extra careful dh skarang.. thanks btw