Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiba-tiba Sibuk Bagai

I've been busy with lots of things, for the last couple of weeks. Super tiring. But I kind of like it. The last time I busy macam ne, when Im back in AmBank. Sungguh tak cukup masa. But, this time around I busy and enjoy with what Im doing. So, no stress..No issue arised :)

@ Work
There's a major reshuffling at the office. I still buat portfolio yang sama. But, being just 6 months there I need to hadam all the jargon things cepat-cepat. Especially in the meeting, I memang selalu cepat lost, especially when they talked about the system. I have to learn hard. Very.

Raya Fever
Oh my, Open house like everyday. Even during working days. Thank God, murah rezeki. Dapat I makan macam-macam. My brother also hosting the open house in Malacca, so agak penat di sana. The best thing, dapat meet up with friends and get to know few friends. I did tagged Encik Tunang to his friend's open house. Yeah, glad that I can get-to-know his friends.

Wedding & Engagement Invitation Situ-Sana-Sini
Wedding pun setiap kali weekend mesti ada. Meriah. And did inspired me too. Heh. But, sorry I cant make it to most of the wedding. Siapa yang taknak pergi wedding kawan-kawan kan? :( Sobs, forgive me!!

Movie oh Movie
Since Encik Tunang and I tak cukup masa nak spend together tengok movie during fasting month, so both of us tiba-tiba rasa macam semua movie nak kena tengok. We watched Final Destination 5, Hantu Bonceng and Johny English: Reborn. I am no good at reviewing the movies but the 3 movies worth every penny. I tak berapa gemar Mr.Bean, tapi Encik Tunang beria ajak tengok sebab nak reformat otak I bila I keep mengadu I penat mentally physically. I need a good jokes to make me laugh and stay fresh. But I was too tired to really enjoy the movie 100%. But, I recognized his effort and I thanked him for that. He did helped me to distract myself. Thanks.

Desperately Nak Kurus
I've been talking the same issue over and over. Trust me, I memang manusia yang tak reti berdiet. But I have to. I have about 2months plus before the big day and I masih macam tu. I bukan nak slim and slender. Just that, I really hope I can cut down few kilos. Orang cakap, stress nak kawen boleh kurus, tapi I macam makin berselera ada la. So, the most I can do is substitute sweet drinks (juices, bicarbonat drinks) with plain water. I also forcing myself to drink more than 2 litre per day. I HAVE TO, even seksa asyik kerap ke toilet. Then, Encik Tunang paksa berjogging like once a week with him. Jogging dengan dia kadang-kadang stress jugak, sebab when I'm about to stop dia akan motivate I dengan cara yang agak macam paksaan. Heh. So, balik rumah dah malam terus bersiap untuk tido.

And....I sibukjugak with the wedding preps. I'll share about the wedding preps next time. Mengantuk sudaaa.. Hehe

Have a great night and am so looking forward for tomorrow. Thank God It's Friday. Finally. I want to have EXTRA rest during the weekend. EXTRA here meant I want to wake up very late on Saturday morning. Hew. :)

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