Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to the Office

Salam :)

Today is my first day at the office after 3-months maternity leave.

Today is my first time apart from my baby girl. 

Like all mother out there, how I wish I can be 24-hours with my baby girl. Ya Allah, since Maghrib semalam I dah start drama air mata. Sedih kot. Usually Maryam bukak mata je ngadap muka Ummi dia, and today I am not there.

And, to make things even worst, I left my handphone at home. Damn. Hubs got 2 phone, and I borrowed one. Not because I want to get access to instagram or what, it just that I need to look at my baby girl picture while I am away from her. I did bring her last nigh wash cloths. Ada bau Maryam.

I didn't function at the office today. Still in the midst of sorting out email. I didn't bother to read all email one by one, I straight away forwarded it to archive. Not in the mood.

After this, I am going to hibernate and pumping milk at the musolla until lunch time.

I am not going to express my feelings much here, or else I cry like a Niagara fall.

I miss my baby girl damn much :(


  1. I yg dah lama masuk keje balik pn sedey hari2 nk tinggal anak..huwaaa. T-T

  2. strong k bai.. at least maryam in a good hands. mmg berat hati. smpai arini pn i still rasa sedih.mcm u ckp, u will get better in times.. *hugs*

    jgn sedih nt efek lak u nk pam maryam je k.mst susu mencurah hehe

  3. sabar yer beb.. esk jgn lupa hp. ;) nanti printlah gambar Maryam sekpg dua tampal kat workstation. ;)

  4. bersabarlah bai...i pun hari2 masih call babysitter sebab rindu hamza..

  5. be strong.. maryam ok je kot.. in sha Allah :)

  6. jangan nangis ye cry baby. everything will be alright :)

  7. suka ayat..straight away masuk archive..kan best kalo2 hari on pc..tak perlu bc unread messages and straight away masuk archive..kikiki..