Friday, July 15, 2011

Off to Syurga Membeli Belah

Yeap.. I'm flying to Bandung in few hours from now.
Bought the ticket in August 2010, giler lama kan?
My mom is the one who insisted to go to Bandung. 
She have lots of wish places to travel btw.
And seriously I have no idea that Im going to get married 
end of this year while booking the ticket.

Kill the bird with two stones. (betul ke eh idioms ne?) 
Alang-alang fulfilled hasrat ibunda, dapat jua diriku membeli apa yang patut untuk majlis Dec nanti.

I'll be back next Thrusday..
Ahh, why I dont feel excited at all??

Hopefully that my family and I have a safe journey back :)

Byee :)


  1. Have a good time there dear. Take extra care of your family.

  2. Have fun yang. Have fun with the macet oso. Hehe

  3. @dear ~ dah slmt pulang dear.. alhamdulillah

    @sym ~ kat sana x macet sgt yang..jakarta yg macet horror gilaa