Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BENEFIT workshop

I am a big fan of Benefit product. I love their cosmetic & skincare range to the max. Sungguh amat jatuh chenta with this product.

The packaging sangat comel. The names pun unique and sexy. And nama cosmetics Benefit semua panjang-panjang. 

Other than that, the cosmetics can do magic to your face. Highbeam can transform hidung I yang tak cukup tinggi jadi mancung semacam. The some-kind-a-gorgeous (creamy oil-free foundation faker) buat my face flawless. It's a cream-based but when apply onto face, terus jadi smooth ja, macam pakai powder biasa. And I heart the cha-cha tint (mango-tinted lip & cheek stain) more than anything else. When applied, the cheek nampal naturally blushing. It looks like muka orange-ish pinkish sebab malu-malu,muka flushing after exercise. I terasa comel sorang-sorang. Haha. Yet buat I so confident. 

So, I was so looking forward when I got opportunity to attend their workshop. Nak belajar cara guna the skincare yang betul, makeup yang betul, cara apply foundation, eye cream and so on..And of course, I am looking forward for the goodies bag and refreshment too.. Hahaha, being me la kan?

It was held on 2 July 2011 at Ben's KLCC. The sandwiches and nachos sgt sedap. Tapi, excited nak belajar mengatasi rasa ingin makan. huhu. Next time, would love to dine in there :)

Next, enjoy the picas....

cosmetic range

skincare range
tengah belajar on the correct way to apply eye cream

excited nak try the eye-liner
'that gal' badge

Sangat berpuas hati. Now I know the correct way to apply all those products on my face. Nak letak eye cream dan 'dab-dab' around the eye area kena guna jari manis ye kawan-kawan. Jari laen takut bagi too much pressure to our eyes. Banyak lagi yang I belajar that day. Selama ne maen hentam keromo ja, asalkan pakai. Haha

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