Monday, July 25, 2011

Dua Puluh Lima

As per Md.Zul wish at FB, I dah boleh sambut Jubli Perak. I dont know why, but I dont really looking forward for my birthday this year. Usually, masuk je Julai, I dah start countdown. And I jenis manusia yang nak semua benda perfect during MY Day. Yeah, Im expecting presents more than wishes. But Im no longer that annoying person. Haha. I tiba-tiba rasa I sudah matang. 

But, seriously I rasa lain sangat this time. I still got lots of wishes especially from FB. And to my suprised still lots of wishes send via sms. I thought, sejak zaman FB people rarely wish thru sms/calls. Even the simple 'HBTY' pun I really appreciate. I've read somewhere when the writer claimed it's annoying when people just wish with the initial letters. And people wishes you on FB just for the sake that the notification on your right-side of the screen appeared that 'TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY'. Personally, I seriously dont mind and I dont think they simple wish you just so happened they've being alerted by the notifications. Sebab, I kadang-kadang selalu ignore the notifications sebab rasa malas giler nak wish. See, even the simple 'HBTY', pengirim ucapan made an effort to wish. I sangat hargai.

Okey, being a year older buat I bertambah suka membebel. Haha. 

I had a blast birthday. I spend my day with my beloved mom at Sogo. Perangai annoying masih ada sisa dalam diri, I asked my mom for a present. Haha. I really NEED a handbag right now. So, I was begging for a handbag. Nak beli sendiri of course I cant afford right now. But, as we arrived Sogo, we didnt straight away went to the handbag section. We went to the HomeDeco section instead. Pergi usha-usha my Corelle Dinner Set for the hundres times. Haha. Then, Mak ajak tengok bedsheet. I was like,'Okey'. Mak suruh I pilih yang mana I suka? I asked her, 'budget Mak berapa?'. She said 'amek ja yang mana-mana nak'. Tapi I set the limit, cannot reach RM300. Dasar perempuan bernafsu sembilan, memang yang berkenan semua over RM500. When I finally decided to just forget about the bedsheet, Mak insisted me to just take the one yang I suka sangat. Plus dengan bantal baru bagai, I felt very guilty. Sejak bekerja ada duet sendiri, I never asked for my Mom's money, never asked her to pay for me. Be it dining at the mamak stall or belikan slurpee. I never asked for her money. Rasa serba salah ya amat. 

Instead of handbag, I got bedsheet set n pillows as birthday presents. I wont ask for more. Sangat suka. Now, hal deco Bilik Pengantin dan settled. Thanks Mak. Terharu tau..

And.....I got suprised from encik tunang. He gave me something that I didnt really expected. Thanks thanks thanks...And the dinner treats by him buat I punya mengidam tercapai. Butter Prawn owh sungguh melazatkan :)

A birthday celebs from colleagues also made my day. With lots of foods, a present that I really wanted to buy for myself buat I rasa sangat disayangi. 

Btw, just so u know..Among the wishes, the one that terus buat I rasa bedebar is, 'Happy Birthday wife-to-be'. Yeah, I cant hide my excitement..But, rasa berdebar itu tetap ada. It was like, "Bersediakah aku"-kind-of questions that I kept asking myself.

Thanks thanks and thanks for the wishes, thoughts and du'a. Sangat-sangat terharu.


  1. Dear, am so glad u have such lovely people around u. And your encik tunang sure made your day. Am happy sgt2 that u met him n getting married soon. And your mom sgt keibuan, am touched jgk.

  2. Dear... berkat doa dear jugak tuh, that i finally met someone yang buat kami xnk pk 2,3x utk kawen ngn dia. hehe...