Saturday, July 23, 2011


I will say that I just came back from the heaven. OMG, I'll definitely visit Bandung again. Bandung sangat-sangat best.

Apart from that, the bad news is the whole family got diarrhoea and fever. Started by my mom on our 3rd day there. Pity her, have to stay at the hotel due to diarrhoea. Followed by me, on our last day and today Alhamdulillah, I'm getting better. It might be because of the Makanan Sunda or the Sate Padang. 

Lots of things too update on the Bandung getaway. But, health conditions tak mengizinkan I mengadap laptop lama-lama, jadi next time lah I update.

The weather also not being kind, so girls please take care of your health. Drinks and drinks lots of water. Losing appetite for the last few days made me realized to be thankful  to Allah, yang tak putus-putus kongsikan nikmat-NYA. Always thankful with the nikmat SIHAT sebelum datangnya SAKIT.

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