Saturday, April 27, 2013


Salam :(

Hate the situation when I have to explain why I am not fully breastfeed my baby girl. Do I have to?

Just received a long email from a friend (who concerned so much of me) telling me what to consumes and whatnot. Complete with the list of lactation consultants and not to forget the negative effects of formula milk. Duhh.. Siap tanya lagik, ne dah buat ke? Betul ke dah buat? Intro email, 'I heard that you are giving fm to your baby, why don't you bf your baby? Pity little Maryam.'

Thanks babe, but no thanks. I would appreciate if you could just mind your own business.

I am working on it. What I really need is your support, not being so judgemental and thinking that I just sit down and do nothing.

I love my baby girl more than everything. I only want to give her not only the best, but the bestest I could give. I am willing to die for her. Please please please stop being so concern when I wonder where are you all this while???

#emotahapgaban :(


  1. tanya dia balik "ini anak i ke anak you??" ;p

    *BIG hugsss* be strong Bai. ignore her. every mother want the best & know what is the best for their children. if she cannot understand that simple sentence, then too bad for her.

    if u can't take it with her, stay away. bak Fynn Jamal prnah kata, 'be happy. jauhkan diri dari negativity. being happy is a CHOICE.' i'm a bit like that i think. i marah & i tak suka, i blah. tak kuasa nak dilayan dah. huhu..

  2. Siap anta email..bagi i selagi i tak ada dalam situasi yang sebijik cam org yg i nak advise tu i xakan judge sesuka ati..well Bai, ignore her..menci la org yg camtu..i pn obses dengan BF tapi untuk Ammar je la..xde la sampai nak judge org yg xbf anak dia..

    I agree dengan Cik Hazz cakap tu..Dont worry Bai, kitorang support whatever u do because we all know what u did is the best that u can do for Maryam. :)

  3. i agree with Hazz's comment. enough said. I bf Hannah till 4 months old, mix with fm. i happy kr happy hannah happy. we're happy. no stress. setiap org xsama. haih.. chill bai *hugs!*

  4. Bai, kak sulung kami pun tak bf anak dia sbb dia belah perut (ada ketumbuhan) so, Zahra dibagi susu formula dr kecik. Bila besaq, mak dia cuba bf sikit2 and now Zahra sihat ja. Lebih sihat dr baby yg bf. Kak second kami ada prob dgn nipple, kesian tengok breast bengkak tp xlh bf. Tapi ni dh anak second, dia dh leh handle sebab dah ada experience.

    InsyaAllah, hampa pon akan okey as long as hampa berusaha. This is a test dari Allah nak bagi hampa kuat. Tak bf anak tak bermaksud tak sayang anak. Kami tau since kak2 kami pun sama. Sabaq na. Actually, Little Maryam sangat beruntung ada mak macam hampa :)

  5. Tula bila org terlebih jaga hal org lain. Ibu mana yg taknak yg terbaik utk anakkan kita semua pon nak bg the best. Chill dear. Anak kita. Kita tau camne nak jaga kan.