Sunday, January 6, 2013

Perineal Massage

Salam :)

I found out this video is very useful. It's the right time for me to start with the Perineal Massage. The recommendation is for 34weeks and above. Perineal massage help to prepare our perineum area for labor, minimize the tearing and help to stretch the perineum area during the labor. It is very popular among the matsalleh, maybe kat Malaysia kurang awareness on this massage.

I plan to massage with Tanamera VCO Oil. I don't know whether I can massage it by myself or need help from the husband. Recommended for 5minutes massage, 3-4 times a week.
People said the first time quite sakit. After a while, it's gonna be okay. Eh? Whatever is, even I feel a little bit disturbing to do this kind of massage, I will force myself jugak. Inshaallah, this is my effort towards normal delivery. Just in case, later I need to perform c-sect jugak, atleast I tak ralat sebab dah try my best.

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  1. Hi,
    I pun baru start buat few days ago (32++ weeks by the way). First time experience? Tak sakit pun :). Hubby tak berani n seriau nak buat so kena buat sendiri la haha. First time tu je buat guna cermin sbb kena tengok 'area' yg perlu diurut. Lepas2 tu dah takyah cermin, boleh agak2 sendiri je.

    All the best! :D

  2. i buat sndiri jer.. guna vco gak. hehe. ;)

  3. 34 dahh...? tak lama dah nk bc blog nih.....hehe