Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Salam :)

I am so free tonight. Hubs went out for badminton and I was reminiscing the memories. I browsed the old pictures. Ahhh, rinduuuu. I missed those time where I can meet my close friends like everyday. Window shopping all day, went out and tried every single restaurant that people said it's worth to try and did so many silly things. The time that we used to call 'ladies day out'.

I almost forgot the time when I was supposed to be/to dress up like professional. Met higher level of people who might be my future bosses back then. How important to build up rapport and maintain reputation in order to secure a job in the financial instution. I almost forgot the time when I was so eager to join investment banking. How hard I tried to learn the investment jargon term, how I forced myself to be able to do the forex trading during the mock trading. How hard I studied to score the investment paper and how frustrated I was when my investment result didnt qualify me to secure a place in investment line. Im glad I didnt failed the paper but still Im way too far from it. Allah knows best, investment is not my cup of tea.

Looking at who I am today, comparing with the pictures back in 2010 during FSTEP's Graduation (of course I rindu nak kurus mcm dulu), I am totally a new person. I left behind the so-called 'corporate attire', I totally forgot the ettiquete to exchange business card and how I really don't care about building up a ladder. I guess I am too comfortable in my comfort zone.

My focus/priority has changed. I am family-oriented person now. Not a work-oriented person anymore. And I dont think I can be convincing enough during interview, I forgot how to sell my expertise/knowledge anymore. In fact, I guess I have nothing much to offer. :(

I dont know whether I should worry now or should I be grateful for who I am today? I didnt expected much from work, I just dont care much about promotion and everything are not important as long as I get paycheck every month.

Time flew so fast. In 2 years, I almost forgot the energy/spirit/motivation that I used to hold back then. Been asking like few times, is it really me in the pictures? And to be honest, I don't know where I put those blazers (I used to have a few cutting of blazers) and the most important question is, 'can I fit in those blazer lagik?'. Haha. Truth hurts.  :|

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  1. takpe lepas bersalin ni kuatkan semangat balik ok. alaaa kalau psl kurus ke gemuk tu jgn risau asalkan u dh ada family nanti ada baby. chill