Saturday, October 20, 2012

Parenting Education


For a first time mother like me, everything seems alien to me.

I don't know what to start with. That's why everytime masuk kedai baby, tuju dekat stroller and carseat aje. The big big item. Haha. But we decided that both of it can buy later, after the confinement.

I did downloaded the newborn checklist, but it still an alien to me. I asked my bestfriend a lot of things. When she said like, 'you need to know what's best for you, personalfit or softfit breastshield?'. Haha. My jaw dropped. What the hell is that?

When I started gather info on the breastpump, I suprised that there are lots of breastpump on the shelf. Manual, electric, double, single. Banyaknye haishhh. Then, dah settle about breastpump, tengok checklist pulak ada sterilizer, warmer, drying rack, PES bottles, pacifier, storage bag, upright freezer, etc. Fuhhh, chapter feeding aje dah buat mak bepeloh noks. Bila survey specific on sterilizer, tekejut lagik, banyak nye jenis. 2in1 la, 3in1 la. Memang kena betul-betul gather info.

Next, chapter on disposable diapers VS cloth diapers. It took me about few days to digest what is cloth diapers all about. The liners, inserts, fleece, bamboo, A1O, A12, pocket diapers, pre-fold and up to how to clean the diapers. Jargon term for me, memang hegeh nak paham. But after all, I learn lots of new things. From zero knowledge, I build the level till I really know the detailing part. The question is, am I committed-type-of-person?

Hee. Lots of things to learn. Still bertatih. But I must say, when we want the best for our baby, we need to do extra research, belajar dan bertanya kalau taktau. Macam mula-mula I macam pelik, tak pernah nampak sterilizer pun kat rumah SIL, rupanya aktiviti merebus botol susu sama fungsi dengan sterilizer. Haha. Zaman udah moden. LOL.

Okay, need to go back on track. Masih perlu sambung study on parenting. Ekeke. Btw, would love to thanks lots of lemon to mummy bloggers who shared their journey and it helps me a lot. Keep on sharing mommy.  :)

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