Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Baby's Kicking

Salam :)

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah.

For the first time, I can feel it. Ya Allah, I can't explain the feeling. I was at Kinokuniya at that time, talking to one of the staff, need his help to find Andrew Matthews's book. I can't remember what is the tittle, so berlama jugak la I explain what the book is all about. Suddenly, I feel a very strong kick at the left of my tummy. Mula-mula pelik, like apakah? Tekejut sebab baby tendang kuat sangat. Lepas tu terus cari hubs and told him about that. Tapi sayang, baby tendang sekali ja. Hubs have to wait until next time. I asyik dok ulang cakap pasal the first kick and I think I did annoyed my hubs. Haha.

My SIL and my bestfriends are pregnant and about the same week with me. They felt the kicking at 4months (they are carrying the second baby) and it worried me as I can't feel any kicking. I have no idea how it feels, so I selalu tanya orang macam mane eh rasa kalau baby tendang? Paranoid gila kan? I rasa I memang annoying la. Ekekeke.

Banyak kali la I dapat false hope, sikit-sikit rasa cam baby tendang. Pastu tak sure, eh betul ke baby tendang? Ke gas je tu? Serious rasa tak confident.

Tapi bila dah rasa tadi, memang sangat yakin, confident. Comel anak Ummi (Yes, I want my baby to call me Ummi). Hee. The moment is priceless.

Ummi can feel u baby. :)

P.s- Eventhough penat gila today, from mini gathering -> friend's house warming -> wisma yakin (PIL's shop) -> pasar malam jalan TAR -> KLCC, I still want to jot down the moment. I don't want to forget the moment. A quick update for the sake of not forgetting. Night, girls.

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  1. Hahaha.. X sbr nk tgu next checkup. Nak tau gender dannn da bole start shopping ;)

  2. Dh tau sila whatsapp ye. Hehehe. Baby bump dh ada ke?

  3. bump mst la dh ada yang :)

  4. ok i rindu tetiba ade benda dlm perut tendang2.dh lupa rasanya mcm mana. haha.time flies so fast laaaaaaa

    1. Lisa..bole plan for next baby rs the kicking tu. Haha

  5. Aku due 22/2/13. Hee :)
    Ko da bole start kumpul duet nak kasik present ne. Haha :)