Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jangan Mengeluh-Merungut

To those bride-to-be,

Rule of thumb in preparing your Big Day, never ever mentioned that you don’t have enough money. Because of, I always believed, nak kawin, nak buat benda baik, Inshaallah, Allah tolong. Jangan risau. Nak tunggu duit cukup, memang sampai bila pun la duit tak cukup-cukup kan?

Plus, bile kite sebut banyak kali depan future husband kite pun die mesti tak selesa. Secara tak lansung, kite buat die stress sekali. He must be thinking, what I should do more to satisfy my future wife? (This is an advice from my friend. He told me how actually he felt in that situation)

I.Z selalu cakap, inshaallah ada rezeki nanti. Jangan risau!! And I always cakap, I tak nampak jalan to earn extra money. Sungguh..Rasa macam impossible.

Who knows, somehow I bumped into my friends in the lrt. We did talk about her engagement and I adore her hantaran’s tray. I asked her about the price and whether it’s possible for her to buy it for me. And she said why not I just borrow the tray from her? I was like, OMG, rezeki weh. Macam sekelip mata je. Sebab hari tu I dok berkira-kira nak beli tray hantaran ne. Masa pergi survey kat Nilai 3 hari tu,I dah pening pale, yang I berkenan tu mahal kot. Bajet besar nak beli 9 tray. Owh~ Sekelip mata hal tray setel. Legaaaa

Percayalah, rezeki Allah tak disangka-sangka. Don’t think too much untuk mengharapkan duit turun dari langit. Bersederhana and berjimat selagi termampu. Allah akan permudahkan untuk kita selagi kita ikhlas, selagi kita ingat Allah. Banyak-banyak berdoa, bukan berdoa Allah bagi duit banyak-banyak, tapi berdoa Allah murahkan rezeki. Tak kira dalam apa cara sekalipun.

Monday, May 30, 2011

SPANX give away by Kerry's Blogshop

SPANX give away by Kerry's Blogshop..Believed me, this is my first time ever joining contest. Not even a contest in the newspaper/magazines or television. My reasons would be, I sangat malas nak fikir slogan or buat cerita panjang-panjang. Plus competitors sangat ramai atau dalam erti kata lain mengalah sebelum berjuang. But, this time around, hadiah memang idaman hati kalbu. So, by hook or by crook I must pun an effort. Who knows, Im the lucky one this time. **Pray hard**

I am so desperately need to lose weight. Like seriously. So, I look like a noob every single day, browsing the net by typing 'how to lose weight', 'diet sihat','girdle', 'spanx' in the search engine (i.e: Google & Yahoo!). Until the search
engine direct me to the Kerry's Blog Shop. Little did I know, she's currently organizing a contest, and SPANX is the main prize. Excited owh. Check the closing date, waaa, I got about 45minutes before 11:59, 30th May 2011.

Im a type of person yang nak SANGAT kurus, tapi tak boleh dengan cara DIET. Sebab nafsu makan memang tak dapat dibendung. Unless I pakai girdle. Bila I pakai girdle, automatically tak terasa nak makan banyak and perut of course nampak flat. Tapi, girdle yang I penah beli, memang sangat tak selesa dipakai, especially time panas. Bila duduk, bergulung je. So, bila jalan balik, I rasa x comfortable sebab nak kena adjust girdle bagi in place balik. Secara tak lansung, orang sekeliling I pun boleh noticed that I actually wearing a girdle inside. Sometimes, bila lama sangat pakai girdle, I cepat rasa sakit pinggang and I will end up pergi toilet and remove that girdle. Leceh
gile kan?

I got to know about Spanx from Shazwani Hamid's blog. Then, I made a research (gaya cam buat thesis back in uni time je). Read lots of reviews and got to know many hollywood celebs wearing Spanx too. Sangat mengagumkan. Seriously. Dan yang paling mengujakan, lelaki pun boleh pakai Spanx nie. Double woah..

Basically, I nak sangat pakai Spanx ne sebab nak perut nampak flat (lalalalalala) and kecilkan apa yang patut dikecilkan. whoaaah.... Hopefully, Spanx will make my dream come true. Nak sangat pakai masa kahwin nanti, so
that I will look slim & slender.. whoaaah!!

So happened, Kerry's Blog Shop not only sell Spanx. They got Assets & Victoria Secret's stuff too. In short, they got things that make us feel SEXY inside.. and HOT.. WHoaaahh~Please give a visit, who knows you might bump into stuff that you've been looking before.

Tengok kat banner pun dah tau, apa yang Kerry's Blog Shop offer kan?
What are you waiting for?? Yuk!!

Fish & Chips

Since morning, I felt like having Fish & Chips for lunch. Half an hour before lunch time, I.Z requested to have our lunch at Secret Recipe, Avenue K. I was like, Yeay!!! Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang betul .

But…Fish & Chips kat sana memang la kureng betul. One word. Frustrated. It was like they didn’t take out the fish fillet from fridge earlier. They just straight away deep fried the fillet. Macam tak well cook ja and very oily. Urgh. The chips was like digoreng berkali-kali. Bukan color kuning keemasan lagi dah, dah campur color coklat kehitaman je pun.

Hmmm..I wont having Fish & Chips at SR, Ave K lagi. I had tried one at SR, Midvalley. Quite okey but not that good. Fish & Chips at Dome much much much better. Ntah bila dapat pegi Dome lagi..

**Pic credit to Google Image. Bukan SR nye Fish & Chips okeh :p

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quotes #1

My favourite quotes will always be:

When you keep saying you are busy. Then, you are never free

When you keep saying you have no time. Then, you will never have time.

When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow.
Then, your tomorrow will never come.

*Quotes from Pravsworld

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I need help

I am constantly put on weight.
((Syabas Baizura))

And, it's like 6 months before the big day.

I just went back from the photoshoot, and looking back at those pictures, I am like 5-months pregnant..With the cheeks yang bagai di pam-pam..Dagu berlapis haish.. I cant believe myself, setiap bulan naik sekilo. The worst part is, I cant fit the pants I used to wear to the office. And never in my life, my weight scale reached that number.sobs

OMG!! I need HELP. Like seriously. :(

**pic credit to Yahoo! Image

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Of my Engagement Day

*Okey, I know. Cerita dah basi. It's been about 2 months & 2 weeks dah bertunang. Tapi tetap nak share. Haha*

Date : 13 March 2011 (Sunday)

Venue : Homesweethome - Pendang,Kedah

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah. Little did I know, I am engaged. And soon, will be gettin
g married in December 2011 (Inshaallah). Kuasa du'a mungkin. Each time people asked me, when Im going to settle down, my answer would be, 'Inshaallah, in 2011'. Seriously, masa jawab tue masih tiada siapa-siapa di hati. (ceh ceh, asal terasa geli-geli ni?) ;p Just answer for the sake of avoiding further questions. Lebih daripada 44x kot I cakap akan kawen in 2011.

I met him in 2009. We both tak banyak bercakap, takde conversation lebih dari 5minit pun. Just say 'hai' when sometimes bump into each other. We both start sms-ing, calling somewhere in Oct 2010. He proposed in Dec 2010. He met my parents. I met his parents. And yeah, both side agree for merisik & bertunang in March. Sounds
everything sangat mudah kan? Alhamdulillah, everything went well sehinggalah pada hari bertunang. And till now.

I was still in shocked-nervous-excited during the engagement preparation. Very overwhelming. And still in disbelief. Terasa macam cepatnya all of this things happened. But 1 thing for sure, I am so confident that he's the one.

Next, let pictures do the talking. :)

Paktam selaku jurucakap.

Proses berbincang kedua belah pihak.

Suka. Sebab dikelilingi ramai orang. Jadi, kurang debaran di dada. Haha

Sarung cincin. Pic ne buat jari & tangan I nampak kurus 50x ganda.

Bersama ibunda-ibunda terchenta.
Tudung purple adalah future MIL,I.Z's Mummy.

Hantaran both sides.
Pink - for him
(Cacamerba, sebab I xda experience buat hantaran. Tapi gigih nak buat sendiri) :p
Purple - for her
(Hantaran dibuat oleh Acik. Memang obviously nampak pro yang buat kan?)

The only pic yang nampak the whole baju.
I love my baju to the max.

Posing ala model-xto-nak-pandang-which camera.

I am Engaged to Mohd I.Z

All in all, I am sangat puas hati. I like everything on my engagement day.

The Foods - prepared by my family. My mom is the Master Chef.
The mini dais - prepared by my aunties & uncles.
The hand bouquet - hasil tangan Nadia & Emma. Sayang both of you.
The hantaran - sponsored by people who loved me. Haha. I love them too. Thanks Mak, Longjan, Shiba, Aya, Mektie & Kak Mah. Decorations by myself and helping hand from my dearest cousins.
The baju & selendang - sponsored by I.z's Mummy.
The tudung awning - sponsored by I.z
The photographer-amatur - Tya
The make-up - I did it by myself. With a little help from Aya on the tudung.
The canopy - I am not quite sure where my father get it, but thanks to Abah, Pak Ngah, Abang and tenaga lelaki2 yang terlibat dalam proses memasang & menurunkan khemah.

There are lots of people yang banyak sangat to mention. Also to those yang tolong du'a. Really appreciate. Thanks.

And..thanks to Chik, for advice yang sangat berguna. Dikala nervous-tahap-tak-ingat masa both sides tengah berbincang, Chiek datang kat bilik dan pesan, 'Keluar nanti jangan terus duduk kat mini pelamin, pergi salam dengan keluarga I.z dulu'. Chiek pesan based on her experience. Benda nampak remeh tapi tak boleh terlepas pandang. I ada tengok video masa majlis bertunang sape-ntah, she went out from the room and straight away lalu depan keluarga pihak lelaki and terus duduk atas dais. For me, nampak sangat tak manis. Appreciate keluarga lelaki yang datang tak kira dari jauh or dekat. Respect the olders. Memang nampak bila bertunang tu macam majlis kita sebab kita je kot yang dapat spotlight that day, tapi sebenarnya tu majlis permulaan kepada kedua belah keluarga nak memulakan silaturahim. I xto nape tiba-tiba I nak bebel & nak bother pasal issue ne. Tapi, macam I cakap earlier. Nampak remeh, tapi sangat penting. As a reminder jugak untuk mereka yang nak bertunang nanti.

Sekian untuk kisah bertunang I yang dah basi. Hehe :)

Wallaweii...Very Gorgeous

Engagement Zahiril & Shera Ayob:

Both are comel

The dress.
I'm so in love.
Beading details awesome!
The color. Perfect. Vibrant.
((The dress from Hattadolmat))

The hand bouquet.

The not-so-mini dais.

Everything are Drop Dead Gorgeous

*pic from ShutterClick Photography

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'm referring to his nikah oufit :)

**pic from Ixora Bridal's FB

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trauma Jumpa Dentist

Ada tak orang suka jumpa dentist?

Berapa ramai sangat yang regularly buat appointment every 6 months, to check up their teeth?

I am one those people who will always say NO if it have to be meet-the-dentist.
Why? I will blame my bad experience when I was in standard 4.
That doctor quite a big size, and it was like he's trying so hard. Sangat kasar. Penuh mulut I dengan tangan dia. Bius tak cukup jugak I guess. Scary. I dont know how long he took, but it's damn too long for me. I can saw he's sweating too. Eiuuww, geli.

The second one would be experience with the nurse & dentist klinik kerajaan yang datang ke sekolah setiap tahun. Tell me, berapa ramai yang akan nervous-jantung-macam-nak-terkeluar
everytime nampak classmates balik dari check gigi and bring green cards? Then, akan berusaha tengok berapa green card dia bawa balik and have to nervously wait for the teacher to call out the names. And sangat relief bila nama tak kena panggil sebab 'yeay, gigi aku okey'. The most importantly, tak payah jumpa dengan nurse tu semua.

Sape yang macam di atas? jom sep tangan, because we are in the same boat. Hehe :p

The reasons would be - Nurse quite kasar & buat sambil lewa. Maybe nak kena entertain ramai budak sekolah yang ada problems gigi. So, they tend to ambil mudah.

Masa darjah 2, nurse tu boleh pulak dok borak dengan nurse sebelah masa tengah tampal gigi I. Ngilu-sakit semua ada. Serious sikit buat kerja kak. Grrrr..

Bila sekolah menengah dah bijak sikit, bila nurse panggil untuk cabut/tampal gigi, I will always quickly tell them that I have personal dentist. Owh, I bajet anak orang kaya ada personal dentist segala. I rather cabut/tampal gigi kat luar. Quite expensive, but then rasa secure. Equipment pun okey.

I cant really remember when was the last time I meet the Dentist? I guess when I was in high school.
Long time ago.

So, bila lately I sakit gigi I dah mula kelam-kabut risau nak kena pergi jumpa dentist. Sampai at one time, gigi dah sakit sangat. Makan & minum benda manis je, mesti sakit 'nyut-nyut'. Seriously sakit gila. Dah tak tertahan, I decided to jumpa dentist jugak.

pic credit to Yahoo! Image

I make a research/survey first on last Friday. Asking my colleagues & friends their experience, which place is cheaper and the important thing,sakit or not? If ada yang bagi jawapan sakit, I will straight away blacklist that clinic. I make a phone calls to few clinics until I decided to try one at Carrefour Wangsa Maju. I am looking for a dentist perempuan yang lembut. Sebab I dah serik with dentist lelaki dan kasar.

I found one, it's Klinik Pergigian Darul Ehsan. I tau I sounds so funny when I did asked questions like 'doctor perempuan kan?', 'doctor soft tak?', 'kena makan dulu ke tak sebelum cabut gigi?' and sort of questions yang budak umur 25tahun tak patut tanya. Hey, blame my bad experience and it was like I really cant remember how does it feel bila cabut/tampal gigi.

Yeah, I did it. I set up an appointment at 2pm yesterday. Dari pukul 4pm Friday sampai ke 2pm Saturday memang hidup I tak tenang. Takut-nervous weii. And I went there by myself (memang heroin habis pergi sorang2, sebab encik tunang pergi candat sotong kat terengganu).

I dont know whether gigi I berlubang ke ape, so I asked the dentist to check first. Alang-alang tu, I minta dia check whole gigi la, sebab I bukan manusia yang datang check up gigi setiap 6 bulan sekali. The result, it's not actually gigi yang problem, just that the root of my gigi bongsu dah merayau dan mencengkam my gigi geraham. Jadi, harus potong akar tersebut. Overall, gigi I okey dan 1 geraham bawah kena tampal. Since I takmo kerap sangat dating dengan dentist, so I suruh dia tampal terus sementara nak tunggu ubat bius nak buang akar menyerap.

Adoi, sakit jugak rupanya bila tampal gigi. Yang sakit tu masa kak dentist tengah cuci gigi. Buang akar tu tak sakit sangat since dah dibius kan?

Lega..semua settled, except the part semalam susah gila nak makan. Tak bole mengunyah sebelah kiri sebab tempat yang buang akar tu masih bleeding dan sangat risau nak mengunyah sebelah kanan, takut tampal tu tak melekat betul2. Gila paranoid kan? Haha. Semalam memang tidor dengan kelaparan.

What can be concluded from my yesterday's experience? I will say it's not that bad. Nothing to be fear of. Seriously, it just took courage. Be bold. Haha. And I decided, before I lupa rasa sakit cabut/palam gigi, better I regularly jumpa dentist every 6months. Even I sekarang berangan, sebelum kawen nak pergi scaling-whitening my gigi, cantik-cantik kan gigi segala..Nanti ambil gambar, cantik je gigi. Macam gigi Shila OIAM.

pic credit to Yahoo! Image
I adore her. Cantik weh gigi dia.

And Klinik Pergigian Darul Ehsan is highly recommended for those yang takut nak cabut gigi macam I. Doctor tu soft gile, dia selalu remind I, if sakit bagitau. Then, bila dia nak inject I, die cakap 'tahan sikit ye'. Okey, senang cerita, jika nak dilayan bagai budak umur 8tahun bila dengan dentist. So, kak dentist ne memang lepas piawaian. Hehe. The price is affordable and quite cheap if nak compare ngn dental clinic lain kat area KL ne.

Details of the clinic

So, I dah tak trauma. Yeay~ I dah overcome one of my fear factor (belagak betul. ceh ceh :p)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

**it’s a belated mother’s day entry..haha**

Happy Mother’s Day to my beloved mother.
No words can describe how much I owe her, it’s like I owe her everything in my life.

Since I was small, I keep praying that I will die first before my parents. It’s just because I don’t think I can bear the losses, I don’t think I can go through my life without them. Seriously, I sounded so selfish. My mother once told me, ‘Sapa nak doakan mak kalau Deq aa mati dulu dr mak?’. sobs

I can easily dengan muka-tak-malu told my mother I have boyfriend.But, I am not that type of person who goes straight to my mother and told her, ‘I Love You’ and not that type of person who just express my feeling towards her straight into her eyes. Segan owh..

So, only occasion macam birthday&mother’s day je I bole anta kad comel-comel cakap I love her and how glad I am to be her daughter.

And macam sangat touching giler, masa balik hometown, nak pinjam tudung mak. Masa tarik-tarik tudung I found out all the cards yang I pernah bagi kat mak selama ne.

Then I know, my mother pun macam
I jugak, very hard to express feelings. Yeah, we don’t have to say it, because deep down both of us know.

Tgk tak iklan silky girl, yang Dafi & Sharifah Amani tu?..
’org ckp kalau nk tgk muka kite ble tua nnt, tgk muka mak kte skang’
(I rephrase sket ayat Dafi ne)
and.... Im absolutely sure,nanti dah tua I akan cantek mcm mak I jugak. Hehe

Thanks for everything.
Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Reading

*pic credit to Google Image

I’ve decided to start a new blog, since the old one sangat tak consistent, and I really want to start all over again.

Hopefully, I will update consistently and will benefit the author/writer (myself) and the readers.

Happy reading :)