Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

**it’s a belated mother’s day entry..haha**

Happy Mother’s Day to my beloved mother.
No words can describe how much I owe her, it’s like I owe her everything in my life.

Since I was small, I keep praying that I will die first before my parents. It’s just because I don’t think I can bear the losses, I don’t think I can go through my life without them. Seriously, I sounded so selfish. My mother once told me, ‘Sapa nak doakan mak kalau Deq aa mati dulu dr mak?’. sobs

I can easily dengan muka-tak-malu told my mother I have boyfriend.But, I am not that type of person who goes straight to my mother and told her, ‘I Love You’ and not that type of person who just express my feeling towards her straight into her eyes. Segan owh..

So, only occasion macam birthday&mother’s day je I bole anta kad comel-comel cakap I love her and how glad I am to be her daughter.

And macam sangat touching giler, masa balik hometown, nak pinjam tudung mak. Masa tarik-tarik tudung I found out all the cards yang I pernah bagi kat mak selama ne.

Then I know, my mother pun macam
I jugak, very hard to express feelings. Yeah, we don’t have to say it, because deep down both of us know.

Tgk tak iklan silky girl, yang Dafi & Sharifah Amani tu?..
’org ckp kalau nk tgk muka kite ble tua nnt, tgk muka mak kte skang’
(I rephrase sket ayat Dafi ne)
and.... Im absolutely sure,nanti dah tua I akan cantek mcm mak I jugak. Hehe

Thanks for everything.
Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

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