Monday, May 30, 2011

Fish & Chips

Since morning, I felt like having Fish & Chips for lunch. Half an hour before lunch time, I.Z requested to have our lunch at Secret Recipe, Avenue K. I was like, Yeay!!! Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang betul .

But…Fish & Chips kat sana memang la kureng betul. One word. Frustrated. It was like they didn’t take out the fish fillet from fridge earlier. They just straight away deep fried the fillet. Macam tak well cook ja and very oily. Urgh. The chips was like digoreng berkali-kali. Bukan color kuning keemasan lagi dah, dah campur color coklat kehitaman je pun.

Hmmm..I wont having Fish & Chips at SR, Ave K lagi. I had tried one at SR, Midvalley. Quite okey but not that good. Fish & Chips at Dome much much much better. Ntah bila dapat pegi Dome lagi..

**Pic credit to Google Image. Bukan SR nye Fish & Chips okeh :p

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