Monday, May 30, 2011

SPANX give away by Kerry's Blogshop

SPANX give away by Kerry's Blogshop..Believed me, this is my first time ever joining contest. Not even a contest in the newspaper/magazines or television. My reasons would be, I sangat malas nak fikir slogan or buat cerita panjang-panjang. Plus competitors sangat ramai atau dalam erti kata lain mengalah sebelum berjuang. But, this time around, hadiah memang idaman hati kalbu. So, by hook or by crook I must pun an effort. Who knows, Im the lucky one this time. **Pray hard**

I am so desperately need to lose weight. Like seriously. So, I look like a noob every single day, browsing the net by typing 'how to lose weight', 'diet sihat','girdle', 'spanx' in the search engine (i.e: Google & Yahoo!). Until the search
engine direct me to the Kerry's Blog Shop. Little did I know, she's currently organizing a contest, and SPANX is the main prize. Excited owh. Check the closing date, waaa, I got about 45minutes before 11:59, 30th May 2011.

Im a type of person yang nak SANGAT kurus, tapi tak boleh dengan cara DIET. Sebab nafsu makan memang tak dapat dibendung. Unless I pakai girdle. Bila I pakai girdle, automatically tak terasa nak makan banyak and perut of course nampak flat. Tapi, girdle yang I penah beli, memang sangat tak selesa dipakai, especially time panas. Bila duduk, bergulung je. So, bila jalan balik, I rasa x comfortable sebab nak kena adjust girdle bagi in place balik. Secara tak lansung, orang sekeliling I pun boleh noticed that I actually wearing a girdle inside. Sometimes, bila lama sangat pakai girdle, I cepat rasa sakit pinggang and I will end up pergi toilet and remove that girdle. Leceh
gile kan?

I got to know about Spanx from Shazwani Hamid's blog. Then, I made a research (gaya cam buat thesis back in uni time je). Read lots of reviews and got to know many hollywood celebs wearing Spanx too. Sangat mengagumkan. Seriously. Dan yang paling mengujakan, lelaki pun boleh pakai Spanx nie. Double woah..

Basically, I nak sangat pakai Spanx ne sebab nak perut nampak flat (lalalalalala) and kecilkan apa yang patut dikecilkan. whoaaah.... Hopefully, Spanx will make my dream come true. Nak sangat pakai masa kahwin nanti, so
that I will look slim & slender.. whoaaah!!

So happened, Kerry's Blog Shop not only sell Spanx. They got Assets & Victoria Secret's stuff too. In short, they got things that make us feel SEXY inside.. and HOT.. WHoaaahh~Please give a visit, who knows you might bump into stuff that you've been looking before.

Tengok kat banner pun dah tau, apa yang Kerry's Blog Shop offer kan?
What are you waiting for?? Yuk!!

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