Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Comfort Zone

It's like, when you always having your hot tea with sugar/brown sugar and suddenly u decided to cut off the sugar. Then, you start preparing your tea without sugar. The taste? *pahit*. You’ll hardly finish your tea. Or else, having your tea with just one shot or with your hand kepit-kepit kat hidung.


You’re having your green tea and you suddenly mistaken adding sugar. The taste? OMG!! No one adding sugar into their green tea. Sangat tak sedap kan?

That’s the same thing when we apply to our daily life. We actually hard to change from one situation to the other situation. Dah terbiasa going through each day with the same routine.
Very ease with our comfort zone. I’m thinking of, how brave I am to get out of my comfort zone? Resigning from my current position and start a new business? Staying in a place where the public transport is hard to access?

I usually end up with not giving a deep thought about getting out of the comfort zone. Too many things to be considered and actually I didn’t ready. But..look at those successful people, most of them took the first step by getting out of their comfort zone. Ahhhhh….Dare enough??

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