Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Karnival Pengantin @ Medan Mara

Just happened to know about this. Thanks I.Z for being so alert :)
So far, both of just sempat attend 1 Wedding Exhibition, it was at Midvalley, last few months.
The other exhibition memang tak pernah attend, due to I went back to my hometown on that particular day or I.Z got something to do and most of it because of we got to know about the exhibition after dah selesai event pun. Both of us tak pernah alert and bila tau, memang dah terlepas.

Hopefully, this time around, dapatlah pergi. Inshaallah.

Details of the event:
Date: 23-26 June 2011
Venue: Medan Mara (in between Pertama & Maju Junction)

Yuk terjah ramai-ramai!!!

Okey. Takda kaitan ngan entry. Takde motif letak pic Ayu Raudhah & Zaquan Adha. Layan~

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