Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flying while Pregnant

Salam :)

I am flying soon. Yeeha, excited :D To Bali aje pun, flight pun 2-hrs plus aje. Hee :)
But to realized that I am pregnant at 26weeks during the trip, it kind of freaking me out. What's the procedure? Can I really fly?
Next question, is it safe for me and most importantly to the baby?

Then, kelam kabut I googled on the AirAsia website and other bloggers who kindly share their experiences. Fuhh, hasil research memuaskan :)
My hubs tanya I like an hour ago, 'baca ape?'. I said on the pregnancy policy during flying. Sejam berlalu and I still on the same topic. Hee.. Perempuan memang suka get into details la sayang oii. Google-baca-google-baca sampai puas hati. Ne pun I need to get my doctor's confirmation on next checkup. Idak la teman senang-senang nak percaya resource solely from the internet aje. Women are quite complicated right? Haha :)

So, let's share the found out. However, I googled on the AirAsia flight policy aje tau.

AirAsia Pregnant Passengers: It is the duty of pregnant passengers to advise of the progress of their pregnancy at the point of booking of seat and at the check-in counter. Carriage of pregnant passengers is subject to the following conditions:

(a)Pregnancy up to 27 weeks (inclusive) : accepted without a doctor's certificate subject to the passenger signing a Limited Liability Statement.

(b)Pregnancy between 28 weeks to 34 weeks (inclusive): passenger shall produce a doctor's certificate confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy and that she is fit to travel. Certificate shall have been issued not more than seven (7) days before the scheduled flight departure date. The passenger will be required to sign a Limited Liability Statement.

(c)Pregnancy 35 weeks and above: AirAsia will refuse carriage.


Okay, settle bab airlines policy. Dah boleh fly, so what's next?
Now, move on to chapter 'What to Expect on the Board?'

Will airport security scanners harm baby?
Don't worry. It is not harm, it just a metal detector, not the X-ray. Only our luggage have to go through the X-rayed process.

While on the board:

(1) Wear a lose tops/pants/dresses

(2) Keep hydrated. Drinks plenty of water (plain water/fruit juices) and avoid taking caffein before and during the flight. The caffein product may dehydrated you.

(3) Fasten your seatbelt at the lower abdomen and keep your back low.

(4) Choose an aisle seat. Easy to move and easy to get to the loo.

(5) Move your body, especially the legs. Sitting for too long and with the uterus pressure your lower part may prone to blood clots at the legs. So, from what I read, getting a flight socks(which we can get at the pharmacy) might help. The socks can help us from cramping too. And also take a walk every one hour. If the flight condition not allowed us to take a walk, try to move your ankle and strecth a little bit. You just cant be static at your place.

(6) Get a comfortable position. Pillow neck or pillow to support the back also will help.

Okay..Ne sume yang I jumpa dan baca. Baru teori, belom praktikal. Application part is during the flying nanti la. Balik nanti I share on my experience. Lagi 2-minggu nak pergi tapi excited prepare bukan kepalang lagi. Haha :)

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  1. ah bestnya Bali. nak fridge magnet :(((

  2. U da penah pegi kn? I pn xto ape nk expect kt sna :)
    Nnt i find fridge magnet fr u k :)


  4. Eh i tak pnh pg la tp i nk sgt sgt pg. blum ada peluang lg nk pg haha. Klau mcm i dgn husband nk pg sbb nk shopping surfer pnya brand mcm volcom roxy semua murah sane. And of course la lawa kan. Have fun nanti dear. Update byk2 gambar tau :)