Sunday, May 20, 2012

What to Expect When You are Expecting

Salam lovelies...

Yeah, I just wached the movie. It's a sweet movie and it even sweeter if you are really expecting. Too bad it is just not my rezeki yet. I am not complaining, it just somehow I felt it is quite too long for me. I've been married for 5months and some of you might say like still early. If you are at my place, you will feel like a year. Seriously.

I can't help myself from feeling mad at one of my friend. She got married a month before me and when I am back to the office after marriage leave, she told me she's a month pregnant and yet keep on saying that both of them did'nt ready for a baby. And she kept on saying it. If you were at my place, then you know how I can't bear with her. It's not easy at my place and she just can't be thankful enough. Recently, she informed that she's carrying a twin and for me it's double the joy. Unfortunately, at her side it double her trouble.

She've been telling everyone that she's pregnant and she didn't ready for it. And it just made me sick of her. I always think at the bright side, that she's actually happy and excited but she just anxious for something that come earlier than expected.

Rezeki mudah for her. Allah knows the best time for us to get a baby. Maybe, we both don't really ready physically and mentally eventhough we feel like we are more than ready. Right?

I met a friend last week. We got married at the same week. I know I shouldn't asked him about his wife. But I just can't help myself. His wife is 3-months pregnant and I was trying my best to congratulates him with the happy face. We are having lunch at that time and I just couldn't finish my lunch. For those who've been at my shoes, you know how it feels right?

Hmmm.....been talking about the pregnancy issue again. Sorry and I blame the hormones. Haha. Frustrated everytime Im having my period. However, still glad knowing that Im normal, still having period regularly. Plus, I am so stress this weekend because Im bringing home a pile of workload and still couldn't finish it eventhough I've been doing it like 100-hours :(

And tomorrow is Monday already. Penattt!!

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  1. babe, boleh berusaha sis yg kahwin skali tu dah pregnant after dia berurut..bukan urut sgt kot, makcik bidan tolong betulkan peranakan ke ape tah...n alhamdulillah after dat mengandung.y not gv it a try..kan...

  2. beb,seriously? ak tkt nk try,mn tau dpt tok bidan yg xpndai urut.. :(

  3. I 6 months married baru pregnant.. so no worries k.. jangan fikirkan sangat.. insyaAllah when the time comes Allah akan beri rezeki..

  4. oh dear..u da xupdate getting hitched dh ek? ptt lama menyepi.rupanya u aktif kt blog lagik 1.heee.thanks yep, tekadang dtg angin risau memanjang kn? hee...akan trs besabar,berusaha dan berdoa :)

  5. ada menang tiket free...belum nak tengok eh..mencari masa nak tengok movie:-(

    err...samala nak masuk bu...(sedang kira guna jari dan terkejut dah 8 bulan kawin...????) ohemji...apa boleh buat...first 3 months tu period tak betul..seminggu break seminggu period..dr kata sbb stress..bagi ubat hormone 3 bulan makan..after that phase..mcm oke..tetiba last week mcm cepat..(mcm nak je ckp lantaklah ko period).. i know how u feel..cuma i jenis org yg mls stress tp ttp memikirkan le somehow...ish betul ke boleh urut betul peranakan..kat mana tu..?

  6. zura-u mng tic free from intrend ke? hihi. best la jugak..cte sweet2 ne,but dont expect too much la.hee

    skejap je rasa ble da nk tgu nikah tu,lama gle mak aii..hmm,pnh la dgr org pegi ngurut ok,n pnh la jgak ada org pas ngurut jd x ok.depends pd org yg mengurut la.kt klang ada 1 tmpt acupuncture + bekam tau.. kwn i ada pegi situ utk lncrkan pjalanan drh/period regular.. kalo nk try bole la..heee.u jgn stress2 k.. inshaallah nnt rezeki kte smpai. biasalakan,walo xmo pk,ttp tefikir jgak la..

  7. takler...menang tiket dari majalah cosmopolitan..hehe..

    acupunture..kat ne tu..semlm tengok nona dia promote kebaikan acupunture..terpikir gak bole try ni..(ceh semua nk try kan)..

  8. hahaha..acupuncture tu kt area kg delek dalam..skali ngn service bekam ;)

  9. Aisee..kampung sebelah2 je tp kn masuk dlm2..macihh:-)

  10. okay... dgr testimonial frm my colleagues.. ao far sgt meyakinkan la that ustazah tu