Saturday, May 12, 2012

Featured in Inspirasi Pengantin June Edition

Whoaaaa.. Tajuk nak sensasi aje kan? Lalalalala~ But, it is for real. Though it is nothing much for me to get excited. Kakti the owner of FINGER STORY yang should get all the credit. Hee.

I just told her,what type of flowers I want, the color combo and the grey wrap on the pillow. And the mastermind would always be Kakti.

I don't have my laptop with me right now, so i cannot upload the upclose pictures. I might review on the hantaran later.

I am a happy and satisfied customer. To those northern brides, you might want to consider Kakti as your hantaran deco. She also did my guestbook deco, bride's room deco and hand bouquets. Going to review on it laterr.

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  1. Later later. Dah dkt 6bln korg kwen yang. Hahha

  2. eh,bru nk masuk 5bln yang :)

  3. Wah best best. Cantikla hantaran u :)