Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Salam :)

Lamanya tak update blog. Lots to share, it just that I have crush on Instagram right now. Haha. Tulis blog macam komitmen, bila start je terus merepek panjang berjela. Tapi nak start tu rasa cam alahai lemah je. Haha. After all, blog memang tempat nak go down to memory lane, tempat nak buat kenangan dan tempat nak share good things with people.

How's my life has been so far?
GREAT. siap capslock lagik. yeah, ada drama sana sini, but I wouldn't ask for more. Counting HIS blessing, and I am one lucky girl. Alhamdulillah.

#1 Maryam Nur Zahra'
She is such an adorable little girl. Growing up so fast. She is one of the best thing that happened in my life. Even until now, it's so surreal. Now dah mengengsot sana sini. I was mistaken cakap kat orang yang Maryam dah merangkak. Padahal mengengsot hoii. Merangkak bila begerak angkat bontot.

She start on solid food on the day she turn 6-months. Yeah, I am that skema. I am that type of mother who follows what the book say. Alhamdulillah, she loves to eat almost everything that introduced to her. She ate a lot. I am a happy Ummi. Seronok hoii tengok anak makan. I masih larat dan rajin prepared puree for her. Harapnya kekal rajin sampai ke sudah lah. 

#2 Holiday
We've been planning for a holiday. To a place that can relax our mind. Not a busy hustle bustle place. Not a shopping centre attraction. An island specifically, even I cannot snorkelling much with Maryam around. Problem now is hard to find a week that both of us are free. For me, Cameron Highland pun will do, cuma nak jugak pergi pulau kan? This year, I tak pergi bercuti ke mana pun. Pergi Langkawi je, tu pun more to shopping instead of betul-betul bercuti rehat minda. 

#3 Study
Alhamdulillah, I finally cekal hati nak continue study. Part time basis, more to online instead of classes. Sebab sayang masa weekend nak tinggal Maryam. So I guess online was a better choice until I find it hard to squeeze some time in a day, to look at the slides. Not digesting yet what the course is all about. I am not that ambitious macam certain student yang amek 4 subjects this sem. I only took 2 subjects. Tu pun rasa tak terbawak. The final exam would be around December. Cuak. Pray that I have the courage to strive for what I dream of. Yep, nak belajar dan belajar selagi hayat di kandung badan. 

If you asked me now, I have few list to fulfill:
(a) Enrol in swimming class
(b) Learn how to bake
(c) Master the Arabic language
(d) Learn how to sew
(e) Start a small business

My problem is, finding the time. I know, I didn't fully utilise my time. Still boleh curi sana sini. But for now, I think my baby needs me more. Macam ada forum agama after friday work, I choose to go back home playing with my baby girl. Even if I attend the forum agama, my baby pun dapat pahala for it. I just dont think so. I don't know on the agama perspective much (shame on me), but I rather go back home seeing my baby. Yesterday, I attended an hour ceramah from Ustaz Haslin or Ustaz bollywood people called him, during lunch time. Then, I realized yang I need that for my inner strength, for my spiritual. Dah lama I tak attend majlis ilmu, so rasa diri far away from Dear Lord. I just feel something missing. That one pieces yang missing tulah, yang bagi impact besar for myself. Muhasabah.

Thanks Allah for sending me great friends. The old friends and the new friends. Bila berkawen ada anak, I found myself jarang take the effort nak keep in touch with friends. Makin zaman lagi canggih senang nak connect, makin I malas nak utilised all those technology. But sometimes, when they took the effort to say hi, or even gossips, I am touched. I kinda missed those moments we used to spend time together. Again, my lame excuse is, it is hard to find time. Kalau berwhatsapp pn, I susah nak commit. Susah nak reply time-time tu jugak.

I am glad I met those beautiful ladies. You know who you are. Start with comments kat blog dorang. Tukar fon number, create whatsapp group and start meeting each other. Hari raya is a great time. Bulan August boleh cakap jumpa every week. Haha. Penuh event, cuma I je tak sempat nak host event panggil dorang datang rumah. Nanti-nantilah weh. Tak ready lagik nak jadi host. Haha. And yes, bila dah close ne and Hazz is leaving us, memang terasa sedihnya. Hope our friendship will last forever, harap nya nanti-nanti takde gado-gado. Tak badmouth each other. Kawan atas dasar berkongsi dan nak tengok semua orang bahagia, Inshaallah hubungan kita semua dalam peliharaan Allah. Amin

I guess that is all for now. Tiba-tiba hilang momentum nak becerita. Haha. 
Take care you ols. Till then. Tata.


  1. sewing best bai..i love sewing..tp i ni jenis malas skit.hehehe

  2. Oh bai apsal i rs best bc post u kali ni. Positif! Buat i ttbe rs nk cont study. Hurmmmmm. To b honest lps degree i xde plan nk smbg study. Impian i cr bf, kawin, dpt anak n hdup happy hahaha. Kwn2 lain semua byk smbg study. Hehe. Good luck bai. U can do it. Cheers

  3. nnt dah belaja swimming roger2 la yer...bole ada kawan swim...kawan swim tak ramai...kalo sengsorang cepat boring..

  4. ouch im touched baca yang last tu. crybaby sungguh i huhu. insyaallah semoga friendship kita sampai bila-bila ok :)

  5. kahkahkah. i'm touched too. insyaAllah beb. thanks for ur efforts, now rasa korang dekat jer dgn i walaupun jauh beribu batu. acehhh.. ;) u punya list tu lbh kurang sama mcm yg inginkan jgk. Hi5! ;))

  6. kenapa aku baru perasan post ni? hahaha...bai u sangat rajin siap sambung belajar...i macam lisa..takde motivation nak belajar dah...kalau nak belajar pun benda2 skill macam dalam list u tuh- sewing, baking fondant cake haha yg menjurus kepada aku tak payah order dah buat sendiri je cewah. anyway glad knowing u my friend. i feel so blessed :)