Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life is Great

Salam dearie :)

I've been neglecting this blog ever since I got married. Marriage life didnt give me much time to update as always. Haha, salahkan marriage life la pulak kan? Seriously, I've been juggling with time. Have to really manage time wisely. I'll do the spring cleaning every Saturday. Then, lepas siap masak bagai pukul 2ptg baru setel. I buat keje lembap sket, dr mengemas, menyental, laundry dan masak memang take longer time sikit. And setiap kali dah siap semua tu, I mesti cakap next week Saturday kena bangun awal sikit. Tapi yang susahnya, every Saturday morning I was like, 'Hello, what the hell I have to wake up early on weekend?'. Haha. Manusia lemah I ne :p

I've been planning to share on some part of my wedding, the review and credits. The reason are I just want to share and who knows it might help other b2bs too, especially from the north. I was once faced difficulties to find good vendor at the north side, and how other b2bs did helped me with their review. And I do hope I might help others too. Secondly, I just feel some of the vendor should get the credit for the great final outcome they delivered. Bukan sesekali terlintas niat nak menunjuk or what, I just had a humble wedding, nothing to show off dearie. Heh.

Will start with the review later. Hoping that all of u girls have a great life too :)
Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. hi dear..welcome back..iye mmg susah bila memula kawin nk berblog..kejutan budaya...haha..
    zura pun plan nk wat nnt dululah..kasi peram sket lagi..hehe..

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