Sunday, December 4, 2011

11 days left

I should be getting excited right now but I dont feel so. What I really hope is I can squeeze in the time here and there. Seriously I dont think I have much time.

Before sending my wedding dresses off to dry clean, I have tried it on me. This is my 2nd time trying the dresses. I heart my simple kurung modern for reception. Eventhough somehow I do feel most people especially the makcik-makcik dont really fancy the dress without bling-bling, but it's enough as long as I am satisfied with it. I am the one who will be wearing the dress right?

BUT...i dont really like my solemnization dress. The tailor use cheap kind of material and I felt so mad because I spend quite a lot on it. Tak berbaloi seriously. What to do,if I try the dress earlier I must make a new one too.

I have no choice except I have to really wear that dress too. The positive side, no matter how tak cantik my baju is, I will still be getting married with the man I love.

Sometimes I rasa nak pitam especially bila berdiri lama-lama dalam train. Penat ya Rabbi, hanya Allah yang tau. I just moving to the new office. Penat susun barang, file dengan habuk-habuk masih terasa. With the workload yang belambak-lambak. And I'll be moving out to a new house this Friday. Kerja packing & unpacking memang memenatkan.

I hope I remain healthy until the big day. Everything goes well.

I realized that approaching to the big day I am posting the negative entry, whining lots of things. Sungguh tak matang. I dont know why I am doing these (referring to the entry yg I dok berkeluh-kesah), but i feel like doing so.

Have a great weekend girls..and I hope I have a fruitful weekend.. Everything have to be settled by this week.

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